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instantcoffee69 t1_j8uadh8 wrote

You asked this 24hrs ago. Please stop. If you're looking for an answer, read your own fudging post from, again, from 24hrs ago


caw2k22 t1_j8uaj8z wrote

I think it's a fair question, considering our proximity to Ohio, and that wasn't about the rain we're having today


awesomeyo9876 t1_j8u9ymx wrote

Conspiracy theory. Please stop spreading this.


caw2k22 t1_j8ua0tz wrote

I'm just trying to get a scientific answer


Beardmaster76 t1_j8uaiv9 wrote

You're not going to get one on the Baltimore subreddit of all places my dude.


iscott55 t1_j8ualhf wrote

I mean like what are you gonna do about it if so lol


caw2k22 t1_j8uaq4l wrote

Push the rain back into the sky