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instantcoffee69 t1_ja4051w wrote

Hey I'm sorry I got a follow up:

It was a +$15k for one joist replacement? Or there was other work?

Cause let me tell you, replacing one joist when the roof is off is not a huge scope change. They should have provided a ticket for labor and material, with an agreed upon markup. Cut and dry.

For the scope change. It can happen. Some time you don't know conditions till you get in there. Agree to the mark up rate before.

And if they didn't do work as per the contract, DO NOT PAY THEM. Pay when it's fixed.

You got hosed bad. I'm sorry.


PowBoomZing OP t1_ja42b26 wrote

There was other repair work as well but I agree with you even at $15k I got hosed.

The problem with holding a hard line and not paying them is they wouldn't start the work until I paid half of the repair invoice. And then the wouldn't finish the roof (put down the modified bitumen) until I paid the second half of the repairs. So they've really got you over a barrel until your roof is complete.

Thanks for the question.


instantcoffee69 t1_ja47lwb wrote

Yea I'm going to need follow up. You payed for 1 joist v 15 joist and that saved $5k. So they were charging unit $360 per unit price of joist. Where is the other $14k coming from?