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instantcoffee69 t1_j72e5a0 wrote

> Perez said that the university administration and students have been extremely supportive. She has earned the respect of her peers, as well as the Coppin faculty and staff and other members of Eagle Nation, because of her character, according to a news release issued by the university

> The comments started to explode after Perez posted a playful TikTok video, “When both Baltimore HBCUs Mister and Miss see each other.” The video received close to 3,000 comments — about 80% of them attacking Perez, she said.

Her actually student body have been great and support. Which is great to see and a wonderful reflection of Coppin St and the Baltimore community.

And people online are terrible. Which is expected.


ThatguyfromBaltimore t1_j72f7d4 wrote

"Perez believes the harassment stems from the belief among some that HBCUs are solely for Black people. Perez said that some of her online critics also believe she is white, which apparently also angered some."

Do they want segregation? Because this is how you get segregation.


Dr_Midnight t1_j72h6ay wrote

> Do they want segregation? Because this is how you get segregation.

If you want the serious answer, then I will tell you that the answer is yes: there is a small, but loud segment of Black persons (more specifically, some Black men) who hate integration and indeed do believe that schools should be segregated (including staff and faculty); and they have the idea that doing so would benefit Black persons as a whole.

Perhaps not coincidentally, if placed on a venn-diagram, the overlap between said persons, conspiracy theorists, and hoteps (the latter two not necessarily being mutually exclusive) is functionally a flat circle.


jabbadarth t1_j72ldop wrote

My wife, a white teacher in baltimore, has never experienced the extreme version of this but her achool specifically has made a point over the years of bringing families and community members into the school to have round table discussions with teachers about what their kids experience and it has gotten very uncomfortable at times. There are always a handful of parents who will treat the white teachers differently than the black ones. To be fair the teachers are like 70% white in a school that is 99% black. So it's certainly a barrier to understanding to get over that I think her school handles pretty well. But still some parents are much less interested in participating in discussions and sharing of ideas and cultures than others are.


rockybalBOHa t1_j72zh4s wrote

Schools are segregated in America. The solution requires an influx of white residents in black neighborhoods - 99% of which are urban - and an influx of black residents in white neighborhoods - 99% of which are suburban or rural. Not an easy thing to advocate for or accomplish. Bottom line - in 2023 America there should not be neighborhoods nor schools that are 99% black when only 13% of the population as a whole is black.


jabbadarth t1_j735caf wrote

You aren't wrong. But, as you said, that's a tough issue to fix.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j73come wrote

Going back to my own experience growing up my elementary school was at least 60-70% Hispanic with the rest being black and maybe five Asian students. No white students despite the neighborhood having a large population of white folks. The white students went to other schools that were rather homogeneous.

It wasn't until I came to Baltimore that I went to school with white students and that was at Gardenville elementary.

Middle school was 100% black. I would say that it wasn't a horrible school education wise but then again it's pretty hard to get a decent education when you have a bunch of kids that have severe behavior problems.


Chief--BlackHawk t1_j7bjudt wrote

My elementary and middle school were almost exclusively black (neighborhoods too), and my highschool was far more mixed (majority black, but significant white and Hispanic popular). I think being in a mixed environment really opened my perspective on things at a younger age since my upbringing was surrounded by people that only looked like me.


CaptainObvious110 t1_j7dgue9 wrote

Exactly. Mix it up! We have way too many adults that have grown up in a homogeneous environment and as a result lack understanding of people who don't look like them.


bmore t1_j74lshl wrote

Neither of these neighborhoods want this, which is a huge issue.


sxswnxnw t1_j72n6bm wrote

Let me be clear, people harassing her are trash and wrong.

But, no, this is not how you get segregation. Segregation comes from actual policies. No one has a policy at Coppin or at any HBCU that representatives of an HBCU must be black.

Her harassers are ignorant and sorely mistaken.


RuinAdventurous1931 t1_j73xgjm wrote

It's also...confusing because whiteness and Blackness are peculiarly constructed in North America. Hispanic and Latine are not races in the United States. I've seen white Latines say they're not white, but most native Latines I know think that's ridiculous and erases very real racial divisions across the Americas.


EthanSayfo t1_j74rjbr wrote

My experience has been that residents of the USA often like to simplify and "cartoonize" things.

As you said, there is a ton of diversity across the Americas, ranging from indigenous peoples to the descendants of European immigrants, not to mention more recent immigrants (from around the world), people with mixed heritages, etc.

It's nuanced, and country of origin does not tell the whole story, obviously. Just like here in the US.


sxswnxnw t1_j72mczc wrote

I went to an HBCU. Um, no one at an HBCU would actually gaf about this. The only people who would probably haven't been to an HBCU. Mine was very diverse. The students pick their reps?? Just another case of people not knowing what they are talking about.

Even within HBCUs there are whole identifying-as-black folks that look like her, past and present... Nobody who has actually attended an HBCU is blinking an eye at this.

Girl, enjoy being queen and representing your school!


Mindfulhydration t1_j73xr65 wrote

Agreed! Many people don't realize that identifying as black is NOT an admissions criteria. I've seen all kinds of students at HBCUs, including international students. The students who actually attend don't care. Very few probably even bothered to vote for Miss Coppin State.


Dr_Midnight t1_j73c70h wrote

Same here. My first reaction was that it's cool that she was named "Ms. Coppin". My second reaction was to the people complaining online to whom my only response can possibly be "who are you?"


PleaseBmoreCharming OP t1_j722jm5 wrote

>Scott said negativity directed toward Perez does not originate from Coppin State University, where she drew applause at a recent basketball game.

>“People need to understand that it doesn’t matter what race or color you are, because over here at Coppin, we don’t see color,” she said.

>“As a person of color, I have been treated with love and support. It’s been very lovely. I have created a lot of friendships and bonds with them. It has been very pleasant,” she said. “I stated no matter the amount of hate I am receiving, I will continue my reign. I ran for a reason, and I will finish with the same positive energy.”

>Perez plans to encourage other Latinos to attend HBCUs like Coppin.

>“I would say to take that leap of faith and go for it,” she said. “It’s an incredible experience to grow with who I am. I have been able to make bonds, become a better individual, and to interact with a vast variety of people. It is a safe place for them.”


Huge-peace2 t1_j73mj5w wrote

While I couldn’t care less about this topic, I can’t say I’m surprised. A lot of black people in baltimore are prejudiced towards non blacks.


Go4it296 t1_j76h10c wrote

The comments are from random people on the internet. No different than this thread here. Baltimore has no problem with her being Miss Coppin and her school and the surrounding others have been supportive


dfreshv t1_j74s7rb wrote

> A lot of black people in baltimore are prejudiced towards non blacks.

Human condition, unfortunately.


LDJ4 t1_j77o12c wrote

You know not everyone enrolled at Coppin State is from Baltimore right...


No-Permit-349 t1_j74ooe9 wrote

Historically Black Colleges and Universities are open to all, right?


sxswnxnw t1_j7953xg wrote

Yes. This has always been the case. Even prior to 1964, HBCUs admitted white students, but most didn't want to attend (still don't; we don't bite, promise). HBCUs routinely admitted non-white students who weren't black prior to 1964, too.

HBCUs started because blacks were not allowed to attend white schools, not the other way around. If you were black and were among the few who were admitted to white schools, you got treated like shit.

Typically, if you were black and applied to most non-HBUCs prior to 1964, you were generally rejected for being black.

Without HBCUs, the black middle class wouldn't have even existed.


EthanSayfo t1_j74rqyy wrote

All in all, my biggest takeaway is that she sounds like a terrific person who values service. We need more like her, as well as to recognize more people with such a spirit!

Glad to see her be recognized. :)


Bravesfan043 t1_j74uoyp wrote

People should be more offended that beauty pageants still exist in 2023.


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Cryptizard t1_j73fste wrote

I'm stuck on why do they even have a Miss Coppin State University? Isn't this supposed to be a school, like where people go to learn important things? It sounds like a joke.


bmore t1_j74lw7e wrote

Did you leave the crypt long enough to ever go to a homecoming or something like that?