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jabbadarth t1_j9zu2x2 wrote

No, everyone here has gone through a mad max style thunderdome initiation and we only live because we have tasted blood. If you want to study here prepare yourself, learn to fight, live off the land, eat what you can kill and forget everyone you have ever loved for this is the only path to study and live in a city of almost 600k fucking people.

Seriously OP such a tone deaf question.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_ja00zr7 wrote

It's a fair question. The reason we're sub 600k in population is mostly due to thunderdome related deaths.

But seriously, it's a more dangerous city than most in the US and if you're not familiar with the area it's particularly bad because it's not like there's a ghetto over here and that's where all the crime is. You turn a corner in Baltimore and suddenly you're in a bad neighborhood because they're all through the city.


jabbadarth t1_ja0250g wrote

I'd say we are mostly under 600l because of manufacturing leaving, high taxes, schools amd crime. Not just crime.

And it's not a fair question because it makes the assumption that the entire city is so dangerous that even going to school here is a risk.

A vast majority of baltimore city residents have kever and will never be the victim of a violent crime. That's a fact that you are welcome to look up (feel free to search my history I've posted the actual numbers dozens of times). Yes baltimore is more dangerous than most but it is not some hellscape of marauders and murderers running free dealing violence and death as they roam the streets. And questions like OPs just continue to perpetuate this notion that you can't step foot in Baltimore without putting your life on the line, which is insane.


Emerald_Pancakes t1_ja0iz5j wrote

I wouldn't say it's a good question, but it is a fair question.

Someone who doesn't know the territory is learning boundaries, even if their perspective is from a bubble of some sort.

Do you assume all peppers are hot? Or mild? All restaurants sell good food? Bad food? Would you ask how the traffic is, or just assume it's shitty/blissful everywhere?


jabbadarth t1_ja0p8h2 wrote

Those questions are far more focused. If they said what's a good neighborhood for a student attending x university. Then we could answer but saying is the entirety of baltimore safe is insane.

Do they assume everyone else studying st the University they are looking at lives in an unsafe fear filled hellscape? Do they assume everyone in the city has to constantly look over their shoulder. The issue isn't trying to figure out where to live the issue is the assumption that an entire city is so dangerous that noone could spend time here without fear of violence.

It blatantly ignores the fact that regular people live here or that tons of people visit or study here every day. It's a shitty question that perpetuates a shotty notion that the entirety of Baltimore is dangerous.

That also ignores the fact that similar questions have been asked ad nauseum on here and they could have easily searched for those.

They don't mention where they are looking to live or where they may be studying or anything about themselves.

It's like me saying I'm spending a day in London is it sade and what should I do. There are literally millions of answers to that.


Emerald_Pancakes t1_ja0py7y wrote

I went to school with many people who thought like this, because this is what they were shown/taught their entire life.

In fact, I still get 50+ year olds who ask me this same question, and they live 10 miles away.

It's a limited sight thing, and it comes from a mind that doesn't understand nor has the experience/insight.

It's a fair question assuming that they don't have the same experience or background as us.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_ja02m4f wrote

I dont disagree you're just taking too much offense. It's a question that you're upset about because of the way it's worded. You have all of these stats that's great maybe post that and explain where the good and bad areas are rather than getting butt hurt about phrasing


gentlepornstar t1_ja018to wrote

It’s not unlike any other city in America.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_ja01wc2 wrote

There are good and bad parts, sure, but they don't know what they are or where to go.


ScreenAlone t1_j9zz7qd wrote

Just saw a pack of rebels do a sweep through my neighbors house looking for any evidence of studying - dragged them out and killed in the street.

From what I have heard they mostly look for people with critical thinking skills though so seems like you might be ok


abrupte t1_ja004bi wrote

Only if you’ve chosen to study the way of the blade. Otherwise, no, it’s hell on earth…with crab cakes.


VygotskyCultist t1_j9zy0bh wrote

As a ghost who died trying to do homework on I-83, I'd say it's risky.


EzAwnDown t1_ja03bzu wrote

Safe to live, dangerous to study.


CrabEnthusist t1_ja0379m wrote

The lack of critical thinking does not bode well for your law school experience


JHBaltimore t1_ja01f7c wrote

Delete this post mods, please.


iamculby t1_ja0nzjg wrote

“Studiers… come out and plaaaaaaayyyy!”


FriedScrapple t1_j9zyjee wrote

Only if what you’re studying is the blade.


Mustbearobot t1_j9zu07j wrote

I don’t know. What will you be studying? Engineering students generally seem unwell around here.


nicolllleeee t1_ja08fpy wrote

Moved here from Florida almost 5 years ago. But. I also am from jacksonville. Having said, if you have some "street smart" you'll be fine. I absolutely enjoy this city. Ive had to research where to go/hang out but just like any city that happens. I live downtown. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions!


surfpolitics28 t1_ja0y6av wrote

judging by your bio, you’re tryna go to UB for law school? Current student (feel free to PM) and short answer, yes. MV is a very safe neighborhood (as far as cities go) and I’ve never had an issue. Of course don’t walk in an alleyway at night or walk around with headphones in when it’s dark out


GlassAinur t1_ja013m8 wrote

The memes are great 😂, but yes, it has its problems but Baltimore is a cool place to live!


Bravesfan043 t1_j9zxt9m wrote

Depends what you’re studying.


ParkingConfusion9741 t1_ja19d11 wrote

I was born and raised in Baltimore, and the first time I ever heard gunshots was from my condo in NW DC. Unfortunately, no place is crime free, but I have oddly encountered more crime in this expensive zip code than I ever did in Bmore.


KaizoReg t1_ja0s42f wrote

Just be careful. You’ll be fine.


dizzy_centrifuge t1_ja023h5 wrote

Where are you going to be studying? Hopkins, UMB, etc


Inevitable_Sherbet42 t1_ja0htj1 wrote

This question is silly, and I live in Irvington while going to UMBC.


ParoxysmAttack t1_ja1dqaq wrote

I went to school at UB, and loved it here so much I bought a home. So just be careful where you choose to live.


No-Organization6449 t1_ja0i0vk wrote

Safety is relative. The murder rate in Baltimore is only about 700% of the national average. But on the bright side, it is only 45% of Tijuana Mexico's murder rate.