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jDetty_ t1_j7blrw0 wrote

When I was active duty coast guard I would pass through there a couple times a week, what you want to know? There is a creepy baby doll wedged in between some piles on the 695 bridge, fyi.


ReturnOfSeq t1_j7aww31 wrote

It’s an unused train bridge next to a drawbridge next to a drawbridge


orangesoda28 t1_j7augu2 wrote


a_fish_named_taco t1_j7bmjz5 wrote

Different swing bridge, that's near Port Covington and was built by a different railroad. This is on Curtis Creek and actually gets used from time to time I think.


jyjelly87 t1_j7bti4z wrote

It is the Marley Creek draw bridge. It is most definitely in use, daily by CSX.

Source Railroad employee


dopkick t1_j7ans9u wrote

What do you want to know? It’s a pretty unexciting industrial area on the water.


instantcoffee69 t1_j7aw0za wrote

Coast guard repair yard. Their main shipyard. Just got money for an upgrade.


stevolutionary7 t1_j7bqyv6 wrote

I wanna know about the abandoned hulks on the bank- what were those ships? What did they do? (One looks like a tug)

They've got stories to tell.


weebilsurglace t1_j7cvqq8 wrote

One of the hulks in the shallows is the remains of the Emma Giles, a paddlewheel ferry that provided service from Baltimore up and down the Bay. There's also at least one WWII era ferrocement ship in the area.

Here's a presentation from the state's underwater archaeologist:


PowerSquare_5819 OP t1_j7buay7 wrote

I should've added this in but I'm talking about the swing bridge like is it in use has anyone ever seen a train on it stuff like that.


Lurchfrombmore t1_j7byl7r wrote

Never seen it in use but you could hear it sometimes in surrounding neighborhoods


meabbott t1_j7fb348 wrote

I took a ride on a Coast Guard cutter as they placed the FSK Buoy and went under the bridge. Kind of a long video mostly because of a speech later in the video but you can see this area from the water here:


Thuglas82 t1_j7bsl0o wrote

Looks very much like an old bridge I flew my drone over near the new Top Golf. Would have been neat to see it still in action. Didn't realize there were several of them around.


Horror__Explorer t1_j7bur6m wrote

Its just a little northwest of Walnut Point. If you hit the truck repair shop, you’ve gone too west.


Douseigh t1_j7g6cho wrote

What u wanna know? Where to fish?