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instantcoffee69 t1_j9u2gsl wrote

I want to first say that I live in Baltimore City, and I absolutely love it.

BUT, I can not recommend enough AGAINST your idea. For the following:

  • Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, it's gonna take some time to find the one your like, or even the block you like.
  • New career is hard for everyone, make sure you like the job and want to stay
  • Baltimore rowhomes can be a bear. And in general you'll need a bit of work in each house when you move in
  • This is not the best time to rush into a house, take a few years to make sure Baltimore is where you want to be a take the dive
  • Public transportation: figure out where you're gonna work, and find a home that the commute is feasible. Too many people don't live near bus lines then are shocked when there are no busses

MyOwnMuse0708 OP t1_j9ufgxg wrote

Thanks for all your advice! I have taught before though in order to get licensed! Not a full year but several months! I like it but it paid less than nannying in my area lol! A little work to live in a house is normal, but I am not interest in major renovations! I’ll take what you said into consideration!