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skullduggery38 t1_j9zlqci wrote

Did you confirm whether the number of therms being billed increased year over year? There has been a bit of inflation on energy costs but not quite that much. You may have a leak either in your gas system or in your house?


Dyzerio t1_j9zm8d1 wrote

Rates are significantly higher than last year. Compare the cost for each unit

Edit: better yet just compare the units used if you have access to previous bills


lavazzalove t1_j9zoqsi wrote

Retail natural gas rate went up by 40% year over year.


maofx t1_j9zperi wrote

what is your heat at? also, bge has this deferred payment program where they'll stack your bill and it wont change until it goes up massively all at once. most likely, you're keeping the house way up there because my bill is never more than 100.


instantcoffee69 t1_j9zt9xo wrote

Man we do this every week. We should auto response this:

  • Has your usage gone up? What's the delta? OR has just the total cost gone up?
  • Refer to cost of electricity and NG going up significantly
  • BGE sells to you at the market rate, with an added fee, the fee is regulated. More of a market issue than a utility issue
  • You can make sure you're more energy efficiency
  • If you think there is a meter issue, contact BGE