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KingMob98 t1_j7s0w09 wrote

Damn. It’s always the one you expect the most.


instantcoffee69 t1_j7r85ek wrote

>The documents reviewed by The Baltimore Banner include a February 2022 “goals and expectations” memo from a barracks in the Eastern Shore that lays out in detail how many traffic stops, citations, warnings, arrests, and other metrics would meet the law enforcement agency’s monthly “expectations.” For a state trooper in the Princess Anne barracks, that means making at least 70 traffic stops per month, issuing at least 35 citations and two to three arrests. The metrics also include a range of “driving under the influence” arrests to be made per year, which is listed as four to six.

Man, these clowns not only wrote down their crimes, but also added metrics.

> “From what I have been told most troopers disagree with this but have no voice to help combat this practice,” the tipster wrote. “They are threatened with disciplinary action if they do not meet these required goals.”

So good cops can't stop bad cops? They can scuff up civilians for made up issues, but standing up to another cop, can't do it. These troopers are trash.


TheCaptainDamnIt t1_j7rgkrv wrote

> “From what I have been told most troopers disagree with this but have no voice to help combat this practice,” the tipster wrote. “They are threatened with disciplinary action if they do not meet these required goals.”

Funny how the FOP suddenly doesn't have any power when the problem comes from inside the force but will go on the warpath if the citizens make trouble for them.


loptopandbingo t1_j7vfklw wrote

>“From what I have been told most troopers disagree with this but have no voice to help combat this practice,” the tipster wrote.

The completely made-up rule has no way of making it undone, definitely no way that the troopers could say "we're not doing this anymore and it would be the way things are now done. Nope, no way to change a procedure. Bunch of assholes.


Cody_in_Baltimore OP t1_j7qxtu1 wrote

From the article:

>Leaked internal documents show Maryland State Police supervisors discussing a points-based system that state lawmakers are comparing to a ticket and arrest quota, a practice that was banned in the state more than 15 years ago.


GingerMan027 t1_j7tzmx8 wrote

What I don't get is where are they? Since the pandemic began, traffic enforcement, at least to my eyes, is almost non-existent! I mean the last two Sunday mornings maniacs have tried to run me off the road.

The highways, main roads, everywhere I go are like the wild west. And traffic fatalities have been up for the last few years even though volume is down.

Weird all around.


reccenters t1_j7u45ur wrote

You're absolutely correct. They could be busy writing legit tickets their entire shift the entire month and blow past their quota.


lolanaboo_ t1_j7umtxe wrote

Idk since we got a new governor last month I’ve been seeing mad cops everywhere being bored esp state police all of a sudden. Been doordashing since the pandemic


GingerMan027 t1_j7uvefo wrote

Are they writing tickets? I hate saying this, but I hope they are.


lolanaboo_ t1_j7uvk8c wrote

Not me thank god but I’ve seen some. Usually just see them riding around in traffic


Douseigh t1_j7uyxql wrote

This happens everywhere in md police departments. Just not always with a benchmark metric, but best believe they report and compare numbers on everything from arrears to traffic stops and the trends month to month. If your trends are down and you’re getting money for highway safety or crime enforcement you better hope the trend in whatever bad outcome (violence, crashes etc) is not up or they’ll point at your numbers and say you’re doing a bad job

A lot of this by the way is result of people saying the police aren’t doing shit about stuff, they use these numbers to say they are doing something. It’s the only way they know how


DONNIENARC0 t1_j7v3p8o wrote

Yeah.. what's the takeaway here?

Performance metrics = good, but quotas = bad?

At some point if somebody is failing to meet "performance metrics" they're going to get dinged on a performance review because of it, and at that point is it effectively any different from a quota?


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MrBurittoThePizza t1_j7u5xch wrote

Lmao it’s hilarious how out of touch the NEWS is


WendysNumber6 t1_j7whea7 wrote



MrBurittoThePizza t1_j7x6x9f wrote

Thought it was a “breaking news, did you guys know this?” But instead it’s a “breaking news, we have proof for the thing we’ve known for years” My B


WendysNumber6 t1_j7xpvwg wrote

So should they not report on the documents they obtained?


MrBurittoThePizza t1_j7yxrm2 wrote

Lol not sure how you got that from what I said. I even said my b as in “my bad” admitting my first thought was wrong. You don’t have good reading comprehension


coys21 t1_j7v19jp wrote

Whaaaaa? Noooooo. I find this hard to believe. Next, you're gonna try to tell me that water is wet.


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skullduggery38 t1_j7ug9er wrote

Where have you been the last few decades? You think not breaking the law keeps you safe from police?


Cheomesh t1_j7vjtti wrote

> I go a little over the speed limit

Literally breaking the law


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WendysNumber6 t1_j7whicv wrote

Speeding is literally arrestable if you're on the wrong part of 495