Submitted by hotdoggingjukes t3_10xm87p in baltimore

Hi everyone! I’ve been intrigued by all the boats I always see around inner harbor, and I’ve noticed some offer tours, such as City Experienced with lunch or dinner tours, or the historic pirate tours.

Im looking for local things to do and was interested in these, but noticed they’re quite expensive. Are these experiences worth it?? Thanks!



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instantcoffee69 t1_j7trf7m wrote

110%, I've done all 3. Each different, each great in their own way.

Harbor cruise: short, 1hr, great music, plus booze.

Harbor dinner cruise: 3hrs, ok food, great music, booze.

Pirate boat: very loud fun music, BYOB.


hotdoggingjukes OP t1_j7ty22w wrote

Im not really much of a drinker, would that make it less worth it?


instantcoffee69 t1_j7tyj11 wrote

I would then only recommend it 109%, honestly Baltimore is another level of beautiful from the water. It's worth it just for that.


Matt3989 t1_j7v0jmd wrote

Probably avoid the late night pirate cruise then. It's drinking focused more than anything.

If you have kids/nieces/nephews, the daytime one is worth it.


kmentropy t1_j7vlyqe wrote

If you have kids or could borrow someone else', the kids cruise on the Pirate boat during the day on weekends is excellent and very well done. They do a great job.