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instantcoffee69 t1_j8nz7au wrote

> Many of the comments DOT received were about aesthetics and the lack of uniformity in the city’s estimated 120 parklets, Davis said. Eighty-five percent of respondents supported the parklets. Most of the contentious comments, he said, revolve around Fells Point, which has the highest concentration of parklets.

Make a reasonable building code. Not a intentionally prohibitive, but reasonable to ensure safety. Don't like the aesthetic, move to a cookie cutter burb.

> Paul Dolaway, owner of MaGerk’s Pub & Grill in Federal Hill, wanted no part of the parklets.
“I’m against them,” said Dolaway, who has observed the street-side structures attracting non-customers — from those looking to extend the party to people experiencing homelessness seeking shelter. With the lack of uniformity, he said the majority of the parklets look rickety and randomly constructed.

These bar owners got some nerve.

The last thing this city needs is more parking. Get people into the streets, bars, and restaurants. Not spaces for single use cars.


bmore t1_j8o31e7 wrote

I love this. 85% in support but somehow "many" have concerns. And a clear acknowledgement "most contentious" comments are being weighed more than supportive comments.


guest0112 t1_j8oj3fi wrote

You gotta wonder how much the % is between city and county residents (county being more likely to be annoyed with less parking available)


todareistobmore t1_j8olnkb wrote

Given that 85% support the parklets, my first question would actually be whether the number of supporters + the number of people with concerns exceeds 100% of respondents. I'd bet so!


YoYoMoMa t1_j8o1uni wrote

What if an unhoused person is happier though? Have you all considered that consequence?


_mvemjsunp t1_j8oqoib wrote

I don’t know what the answer is but there should be a distinction noted between bars that serve food and restaurants that have bars. Places like Magerks are not going to gain/lose business based on a parklet whereas restaurants will. Sobo Cafe comes to mind. Their food is great but if I can’t sit outside, I’m probably going to go somewhere else. Would Max’s in Fells (or any waterish front bar in Fells) be impacted by a parklet closure?


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_j8ow92u wrote

I live near MaGerks and honestly the surrounding parklets are very often trashed beyond belief by the late night after bars closed crowd that’s bringing liquor bottles and blunt guts and tons of take out food containers and beer bottles and vomit and half eaten food and used tampons/condoms. It looks like an actual dump sometimes if u get there before the Saturday and Sunday morning litter pickup team (who I am so grateful for!)


bmore t1_j8pdip9 wrote

Street just felt like that before them though.


EfficiencySuch6361 t1_j8qzv41 wrote

No, this is simply untrue. I moved here in 2009, never witnessed anywhere near this amount of trash & loitering & fights that are now weekly occurrences