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instantcoffee69 t1_jcvfqtx wrote

> “The only thing that is getting in our way right now is our leadership,” he said in an interview with The Baltimore Banner. “Baltimore deserves better. People are looking for better. And I’m hoping that that’s me.”

He could have just said Mosby, no need to beat around the bush, this is Baltimore, keep it real.


Cunninghams_right t1_jcw1fby wrote

I don't have strong feelings about Zeke, but that's SO much better than Mosby.


Fit-Accountant-157 t1_jcvv50c wrote

I like Zeke, I'm happy to have a good alternative to Mosby


Illustrious_Listen_6 t1_jcw2wkl wrote

Going to give him a vote. Hopefully, he can turn this decaying city around. Believe it can happen. We, the citizens here deserve it


edmonds1592 t1_jcwgg4g wrote

If elected, would this mean Canton would lose him?


zqwu8391 t1_jcwkgrt wrote

Yes, City Council President is an at-large seat, distinct from the district seats.


[deleted] t1_jcwwwew wrote



BmoreBr0 t1_jczp270 wrote

I highly doubt it, Zeke is only looking in one direction and always has been and that is up.


sponto_pronto t1_jd08yoj wrote

it would be stupid not to install a close ally in your old seat, that's a vote you need if you win CCP


BmoreBr0 t1_jd2o1je wrote

A candidate running for higher office has one goal and that is getting elected. Why would they risk alienating voter by endorsing someone who may be a political liability to them.


sponto_pronto t1_jd8qa33 wrote

I guess by that logic politicians would never endorse other politicians, but that's not what happens.

Endorsing an allied successor and helping them win means more power as CCP and a better chance at setting yourself up for the next upward step.


TeachGullible t1_jczkbpr wrote

Mark Parker is running for Zeke's empty seat. I've met him on several occasions at his charity events (buying backpacks for grade schoolers) as well as see him at local events like the lantern parade. You should really consider voting for him.


LittleCrumb t1_jdoxu2c wrote

So is Liam Davis. He currently works at DOT and has a lot of experience working in different areas of city government. He announced that he’s running on Twitter the other day.


JKnott1 t1_jcvw9wj wrote

Crooks and thieves have been appointed political power in this city for so long, it's just too damn exhausting to try to discern between the good, the bad, and the ugly.


BmoreBr0 t1_jcwke8m wrote

Well Zeke is certainly two of the three.


Millennialcel t1_jcvwnue wrote

They're all bad. Baltimore City is run by a democrat machine and they're all enablers of corruption for their shot of getting their fingers in the pot. Honest people don't succeed in politics.


rockybalBOHa t1_jcyxw42 wrote

I think Zeke is a genuinely good person. However, I also think he concentrates on things that only have effect at the margins. He is also the poster boy for virtue signaling.

I want more pragmatic, no nonsense leaders in Baltimore, not guys who talk like they're reading from the Huffington Post.


TeachGullible t1_jczk4al wrote

Zeke has actually been a great council person. I've communicated directly with him on several issues on my block alone and he and his team responded immediately and effectively with above satisfactory results. If anyone deserves this seat, he should definitely be in that conversation.


rockybalBOHa t1_jczw00u wrote

I applaud his responsiveness. And he's 100% better than Mosby, but ideally I'd like someone who is more focused on economic issues and not the progressive playbook.


Nicktendo t1_jcyi6iz wrote

I think Odette should run instead. She is thee best


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TrhwWaya t1_jd0hxke wrote

Well, goodbye zeke Cohen from elected office.

He's barely done anything or connected with anyone in SE... yet he thinks he can carry the votes on West Baltimore?


Edit: I miss Jim Kraft.


POGTFO t1_jcwh07l wrote

I mean, this turd is slightly better than the other turd. So he has my vote!


TitsMageesVacation t1_jcvut6x wrote

He’s about as useful as tits on a bull.


The-Dane t1_jcw1mfa wrote

why do you say that?


TitsMageesVacation t1_jcw23eh wrote

Personal experiences with his office. Downvote me all you want, but he is just more of the same old, same old. He’s all talk. His idea of action is “we are thinking of convening a panel that could study the problem next year, but we have to think about it for 6 more months.”


LarsThorwald t1_jcxs633 wrote

I’ve had a handful of experiences with Zeke. He’s incredibly accessible as a politician. I’ve messaged him on Facebook, tweeted at him, called his office. All on regular things (pothole/garbage collection shit), and he — not his staff, him — has always responded.

On one thing I was particularly impressed. A friend ran into a house to save two people from a fire. He was badly burned. After he was awarded and decorated, two years later one of the people who lived in the house — the son of the woman who owned the house, who my friend tried to save — was a guy with mental health issues who was living on the back patio of the burned out house. Sadly, his mother had died despite my friend’s rescue attempt. The son was left alone. He was out of his depth and autistic. With no home, no place to go, he just started sleeping on the back patio of the house.

Neighbors saw this and we reached out to Zeke. He gave us as much assistance as he could do in his job. He had the house condemned, which allowed neighbors to do certain things to give the son a way to live on the patio (which he wouldn’t leave, so we got him a shelter and port-o-potty). He, Zeke, took the initiative to reach out to us now and then, to check in.

Sadly, the son died of alcoholism after several months of us providing him shelter, food, clothing, and taking him to homeless shelters now and then until he checked himself out.

Zeke has always been responsive. He was responsive then. I always heard from him, not his staff. When I’ve reached out to him over pothole-like issues, I’ve heard from him, not staff. He responds like a neighbor, not a politician.

One of the dings against Zeke I’ve heard is that he’s too empathetic, too soft for the job of City Council President. I understand that. He’s compassionate and kind and looks to long term solutions for underlying causes of crime, and some people think he’s not as focused on reducing crime in the near term..

I get all that. It may hurt him.

But he would hardly be the sketchy dealer Mosby is.

I’m all in on Zeke.


JessLevelsUp t1_jcxwup7 wrote

That’s a very nice story - thanks for sharing. So kind of you and your neighbors. This gives me a greater understanding of Zeke. I hope he can create change!


PleaseBmoreCharming t1_jcw6inp wrote

I mean, there's only so much you can do as a legislator. That is, pass laws and form committees to hold people accountable on the public record. The executive branch is where the regulatory practices are conducted, and laws are enforced. If you want to be angry at something, be angry at the bureaucratic processes from that side, not something that was never set up to "act" in the first place.


DemonDeke t1_jcwocz7 wrote

The legislative branch can be more active and has more tools at its disposal than that.


bmore t1_jcy6p3a wrote

It sure can be, with a council president that doesn't neuter it deliberately to undermine reform efforts and consolidate power.


The-Dane t1_jcw3d6h wrote

nah not one of those... I know what you mean by downvote.... its fair thats what you have experienced, why would anyone downvote that. What I can say is, he is better than our old counsel person. he was there for the paycheck only


TeachGullible t1_jcznezv wrote

I can list off several instances where Zeke and his office helped my neighbors and I resolve issues with immediate effect. Would you mind sharing the personal experiences? I am happy to share mine.


TitsMageesVacation t1_jczrhoq wrote

Too many to list but primarily not showing up to a very important community meeting about the violence uptick in Fells. It was via zoom and he could not post. Didn’t even “send” a staffer. It was a joke and everyone involved was dumbfounded.

Most recently they forgot to tell the entire neighborhood about all the road closures for the bike race on Labor Day weekend until about two days before. When questioned they straight up lied to me in writing and said the race course had only recently been disclosed due to security reasons, but I found a 6 month old post by the race organizers with the route.