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Wolfman3 t1_jb8axy6 wrote

The list is supposed Baltimore’s Best Restaurants, but it features places in Annapolis, Columbia, and Frederick.

And you’d think Baltimore Magazine would know that Pink Flamingos wasn’t filmed in Hampden.

What a joke.


TheBaltimoron OP t1_jb8fa5n wrote

The important thing is that that sweet Atlas advertising revenue keeps rolling in.


dopkick t1_jb8kpj1 wrote

On par with people upvoting shit like Paper Moon Diner in the other restaurant thread 🤷🏼‍♂️


instantcoffee69 t1_jb9glt0 wrote

Speak of the devil: Baltimore Banner wrote about Papper Moon just this week


dopkick t1_jba06wm wrote

Man, that's some cringe in translated and re-appropriated Caesar quote at BLK Swan. They must get their inspiration from the Homegoods shopping Rae Dunn purveyors of fine garbage. Just add some "Live, Laugh, Wine."

The Banner article should have included the Atlas properties. They are on point when it comes to Instagramability.


[deleted] t1_jb8jtfu wrote



DfcukinLite t1_jb8k3jp wrote

Because they’re Baltimore area. But make no mistake this list is no Zagat, James Beard, or Michelin star list… let alone DC Eater


dopkick t1_jb8izwi wrote

How much do I have to pay to get a Popeye’s on Route 40 featured next year?


branchymolecule t1_jb9ef8m wrote

It’s been like that forever. I worked in a record store 35 years ago and “best of” was for sale then too. My boss wouldnt pay. Business was good anyway.


dopkick t1_jba0ku7 wrote

Near 100% of the "best of" lists are for sale. Top companies to work for? Paid for. Top upcoming executives in the DC area? Paid for.


Broad-Brush t1_jbcltce wrote

FWIW I have a wall full of Best of Baltimore awards in the lobby of my office. I don't think they have ever even approached us to advertise let alone pay to play. I typically just get a random voicemail in the spring saying we won.


YoYoMoMa t1_jbac1fi wrote

My review of these places. Curious where people disagree -

ANANDA - Never been.

ASH BAR - Never been.

ALLORA- Never been.

AZUMI- Best sushi in the city but wildly overpriced. Also fuck Atlas.

THE BYGONE - Get a massage at the four seasons instead they let you chill in the spa area as long as you like

CHARLESTON - Best tasting menu place in town. Wish the bar was bigger.

CINGHIALE - Legit great but not quite transcendent.

CLAVEL - Love this place but actually find their tacos a bit meh.

ALMA COCINA - Legit might be my favorite higher end place right now.

COOKHOUSE - Never been.

COSIMA - Happy Hour is decent. Probably good for groups. Great outdoor space. But the food is extremely mediocre.


DUCK DUCK GOOSE - I know a ton of people have had crap experiences here, but if you sit at the bar this is one of the best meals in Baltimore. Incredible steak frites and wine. Get the broccolini it is one of the best apps in the city imo.

DYLAN’S OYSTER CELLAR - Not an oyster guy but solid still.

THE FOOD MARKET - Never liked this place for dinner much due to the cramped noisy vibe but makes for a great brunch or drinks spot.

THE BLACK OLIVE - Somehow have never been.

FORAGED - Need to get back here but my one experience was great.

GERTRUDE’S CHESAPEAKE KITCHEN - Way better than a museum restaurant has any right to be.

GUNTHER & CO. - I always assumed this place was just run of the mill elevated American food but I went for the first time recently and was blown away. Will be back.

THE HELMAND - Has to be the best deal in fine dining in Baltimore.

HERSH’S - My favorite of the elevated pizza places. Too bad the location is so inconvenient from most of the city, but it doesn't seem to be hurting them.

LA CUCHARA - I went to northern Spain in part because of this place so I am a fan. Bar is huge which I love. I wish they had something between their kick ass HH and their pricey dinner.

LA SCALA - Best classic Italian in Little Italy. Too much great Italian in the city though.

LE COMPTOIR DU VIN - Great but maybe a bit overrated or that is what I am telling myself for not trying to get a table. Natural Wine needs to die a fiery death though.

LIORA - Legit great Vegan food.


MAGDALENA - Some of the most interesting food in the city. Atmosphere is really hit or miss though. Great for wine peeps.

MARTA - Was never big on alt so I am looking forward to trying this spot.

THE MILTON INN - Wasnt even great (save the space) before Atlas took over.

MONARQUE - Probably the one Atlas place I would want to go thanks to the performances.

OUZO BAY - For the crowd that wants expensive food in a place that has a DJ booth. The Beach however is legit unique.

BONDHOUSE - I wish this place was good but I gave it two shots and it was not. Bad cocktails to boot.

PEERCE’S - Never been.

PERENNIAL - Never been.

PETIT LOUIS BISTRO - I have always liked this place but I could see people think it is stuffy or mid. It is a french bistro in roland park so I think it is doing what is expected. Wish the frites were better.

PRESERVE - Never been.

LITTLE DONNA'S - Loved Tail Up Goat so I am looking forward to trying this place out.

THE PRIME RIB - Food is solid but the atmosphere is fucking incredible here. Straight 80s "class".

PUERTO 511 - Great stuff. Not as big on Peruvian flavors as other people but I love a BYOB.

RESTAURANTE TÍO PEPE - Never loved the food here but the vibes are immaculate.

ROYAL TAJ - Never been.

TAGLIATA - Fuck no.

TAPAS TEATRO - This place is solid for what it is but does not belong on any best of list.

THACHER & RYE - Never been.

THAMES STREET OYSTER HOUSE - Probably the best seafood in the city (save Faidleys) but I cannot get over how shitty their cocktails are.

TRUE CHESAPEAKE OYSTER CO. - Haven't been yet.

VELLEGGIA’S - Haven't been yet.

XENIA GREEK KOUZINA - Haven't been yet.

THE TITLTED ROW - Haven't been yet.


Biggest snub would be Sally Os imo. And I think Cindy Lou's is great as well, though it may be dinged for being in a hotel. Looks like I still have a lot of places to explore!


AreWeCowabunga t1_jbb1y8q wrote

> RESTAURANTE TÍO PEPE - Never loved the food here but the vibes are immaculate

If the vibe you're talking about is "I may die in a fire in this place", I agree. Maybe it was just because it was one of the first places I went out after Covid lockdowns, but I legit felt unsafe in that space.


Lazy_Somewhere_5737 t1_jbc1cdi wrote

Not a restaurant yet I felt that way about WC Harlan with the crowd, candles everywhere, blocked emergency exit


why1200 t1_jbaimjo wrote

BTW if you weren't aware--Perennial is owned by Atlas


zeppair93 t1_jbaktzb wrote

The Milton Inn is Foreman Wolf, not Atlas, how dare you!!! But I actually agree, it is nearer to the bottom of my list for Foreman Wolf restaurants, which I tend to love (though we did go opening week, so maybe it’s gotten better)


ohitsanazn t1_jbc4u4l wrote

Royal Taj is pretty good Indian.

I’d have to try them against the ones actually in town within the same timespan to see which is better though.


ashalottagreyjoy t1_jbjwt0v wrote

Clavel didn’t used to be meh.

It’s kind of painful how much they’ve fallen from when I would have actually said they were the best in the city (and brought out of towners to all the time) to now.

Meh is even a little too good. Such a massive heartbreak.


asdubya t1_jbjcfsk wrote

Do yourself a favor and get a table at Le Comptoir; it’s not overrated.


ashalottagreyjoy t1_jbjwy1h wrote

100% agreed.

Love Le Comptoir and I’m so happy they survived Covid. I was very worried.


why1200 t1_jbaiiz6 wrote

No SoBo restaurants like Limoncello. Interesting. it does bug me how many are in Howard County--like every month do they do a hard sell on trying to show how great Baltimore City is but yet feature so many Balt County and Howard county restaurants. Stupid and it downplays some fantastic places in the city. We need people to come HERE. Not go elsewhere. DUH.


long_jacket t1_jb9sz30 wrote

Atlas shills are at it again! It’s amazing.


switchingtoam t1_jba768c wrote

These lists are always suspect. Take for example, the first on the list, Ananda. I’ve been there a handful of times and it’s always been mediocre and expensive, I only went back because people told me it’s so great but done trying now. Beautiful atmosphere, I give it that. It appeals to people who like the sizzle more than the steak. These guys also were behind the ambassador, which I had similar feelings towards.

Re Ananda from Tom Sietsma’s WP food critic chat a few years ago: “…checking out places for potential review; a lot of places don't pan out, including the mediocre Indian restaurant in Fulton, Md. called Ananda (never mind what GQ says) and the amateurish River Bend Bistro in Alexandria. Visits to both places in recent months were so disappointing (worst naan ever at Ananda), I didn't want to waste the real estate in the Sunday Magazine just to warn people away. “


Ogle_forth t1_jbkzto8 wrote

The same family that owns Ananda also now owns Peerce's. Haven't tried it yet, but given my similar lack of enthusiasm about the Ambassador when it was run by them, I'm not in a rush to trek out there. I did, however, use to really enjoy the upscale Lebanese restaurant they used to run in the Carlyle on University called the Carlyle Club. That's one place I really miss.


5omeone3lse t1_jbak6h4 wrote

The Milton Inn is Foreman/Wolf, not Atlas


PhiladelphiaManeto t1_jbat7p6 wrote

It’s funny, Xenia is literally an exact copy of Ouzo Bay in a office park in Columbia. Even the owner was an initial partner of Ouzo.

Same thing down to the fish display


ParoxysmAttack t1_jbhsfjl wrote

I’d rather see McDonald’s in there than an Atlas restaurant.


shootermcd43 t1_jbc6wr2 wrote

Water for chocolate? Ridiculous one of the best in Bmore-DC area