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Typical-Radish4317 t1_jchacyp wrote

Someone went to Chipotle today


wer410 t1_jchbgxx wrote

Ha! But it ain't just the B'more Chipotles. It must be part of their corporate training.


Emotional_Camera_617 t1_jchfw31 wrote

Which people? I've lived here 30 years and most people I've encountered are nice as hell.


crystalli0 t1_jchmtj4 wrote

I've lived in a lot of places and have been in Baltimore for a few months. This is definitely the friendliest city I've ever lived.


BrunettexAmbition t1_jci11m6 wrote

Agreed, I’ve lived in cities all up and down this coast and I’ve been really impressed with how great the people are here. Baltimore definitely lives up to its name charm city ✨.


PuebloEsNoBueno t1_jchmoa9 wrote

Yeah I find that even the people I encounter in the city who are doing grimy shit are still pretty damn friendly.


instantcoffee69 t1_jchfeom wrote

If everyone is an asshole, you're the asshole. Sorry, it's you (que Taylor Swift Anti-Hero)


GingerMan027 t1_jchagki wrote

So, you're not from around here?


6twoeighty8 t1_jchg6cd wrote

OP, what exactly do you expect to get out of posting how you hate Baltimore on a Reddit page for Baltimore? 😂


PVinesGIS t1_jchfmyt wrote

I mean, there’s hundreds of neighborhoods and half a million people in this city. You can change things up without moving that far away.


[deleted] OP t1_jchgiak wrote



PuebloEsNoBueno t1_jchmkkj wrote

I know it’s all relative, but I find that there are a lot of really nice neighborhoods in Baltimore that certainly won’t break the bank.


BronzeEast t1_jchbjur wrote

Just stay out of Chipotle and you’ll be fine, my guy. There are tons of other ok places to eat.


ladylucknomore t1_jchbpwt wrote

Last time we went to chipotle they were out of half the things. I still love them tho


harcosparky t1_jche6tm wrote

Ever wonder how a Chipotle can run out of things .... just watch the staff in the back for a while. I mean come on?

Run out of rice?

I mean they had rice, just not cooked.

The two employees in the back, the ones who prepare rice and other things were playing games. .... They also ran out of chips.


BronzeEast t1_jchfhk4 wrote

They really don’t give a fuck. I haven’t been there in years and my QOL has gone up because of it.


Joezepey t1_jchiap7 wrote

hey screw you! You're a stupid butthead!


harcosparky t1_jchdfnl wrote

Welcome to bawlmer, hon! ; )


trout66 t1_jchtau8 wrote

Calm down, you're 21


Charmcity003 t1_jchb9hj wrote

“You’re not from around these parts, are you?”


caelnotkale t1_jch9r3k wrote

You’re preaching to the wrong choir my friend


PerpetualHuman t1_jchlxcy wrote

So this is your chance to tell the story, friend. Something must have broken the proverbial straw today...what was it?


dogmeatdwater t1_jchy50p wrote

People on the street are generally really friendly in my 6 years here. Now people in cars on the other hand…


jabbadarth t1_jchz3v8 wrote

Baltimore has a ton of problems but, and I think most people would agree, the residents are one of the best parts.

People are super friendly around the city.


Animanialmanac t1_jchmvz4 wrote

1-800-799-7233 is the National Domestic Abuse hotline, they help in multiple different situations. The city doesn’t have many good organizations to respond, National organizations can help. If you plan to move to another state you can look at what’s there to help on that state. I’m sorry for what’s happening to you. I pray for better times for you.


S-Kunst t1_jchtnse wrote

Yes, I agree. But so too are the rednecks in the county who are constantly angry have more guns than god and are constantly in turmoil with family and neighbors. They are not noticed as they are more spread out. But 10 of them work where I do In Middle River, and its complaining day in day out, and picking on anyone who they think they can bully.


FuckPrinevilleOR t1_jci0icw wrote

You must be a west coast transplant or something if that's how you feel


MeanMrBiter t1_jcha4x4 wrote

I agree but what are you going to do?