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Animanialmanac OP t1_jd4hlzz wrote

I tried to watch the CBS story about the Fells Point flour all over people’s homes but this story came up instead. This officer was driving erratically, crashed her car, when people came to help her she got angry, showed her gun. When police arrived her girlfriend took drugs out of the car and tried to hide them.

The drugs were marijuana, I’m a medical marijuana user, I support the use of marijuana responsibly. I don’t think officer who have a gun and are driving a car should be under the influence of marijuana.

I’ve read and heard about more officers being arrested or disciplined since Mr. Bates took office. I think this is very good news for the city. I hope this continues, if he cleans up the police force the city will be a better place.


instantcoffee69 t1_jd4rq5n wrote

> "I immediately asked [one of the drivers] if he was OK," Acket said. "I asked her as well, then she started swearing at me. I stepped away because I saw her gun and she was very aggressive. I asked her if she wanted me to call the police. She said she was the police."

God damn, ain't that a BPD response to the core.

When people ask "why don't people like/trust/respect BPD" Its encounters like this. There's donzens each day, each day the number of people who get treated like dog shit by BPD goes up by a few, and the community trust goes down.

> Documents revealed that Sheppard's bosses, along with her girlfriend, came to the scene.
In Sheppard's car. officers found drugs - white plastic bag with various eatable cannabis treats, two grinders that had loose green residue and suspected cannabis residue, according to documents.
As officers continued to search Sheppard's car, the bag containing the drugs was left on the passenger seat when Sheppard signaled to her girlfriend, who reported took the drugs and left the scene, according to documents.

Might want to check that boss out. Got a strong feeling that there may be some issues there too.


here4dambivalence t1_jd55w1m wrote

I just read the same article and was surprised about the carry license. I thought, due to my own ignorance, that a police officer would have a carry license, but from what I read there, that isn't accurate. Also I didn't see any charges against her friend for trying to flee the scene with the drugs and paraphernalia... Would a drug charge or the possession of a handgun sans carry license prevent the officer from getting their job back in the future? Asking due to my own admitted ignorance.


Vjornaxx t1_jd6i4av wrote

Police officers can carry without a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit per the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. Most officers don’t bother with a WCP since they can carry anywhere through LEOSA. However, if their LE powers are suspended or revoked for any reason, they may no longer carry under LEOSA.

If the officer is found guilty of a wear/carry handgun violation, then that would be a disqualifying crime for possession of a firearm in Maryland. If the officer is found guilty of possession of a sufficient quantity of cannabis to show intent to distribute and/or proven to be a habitual user, then that would also be a disqualifying crime. Either conviction would make them ineligible to be a police officer in the state of Maryland.

This was a series of extremely poor decisions that will not only ruin their career, but will also ruin trust.


Animanialmanac OP t1_jd65s88 wrote

My understanding is that the charges won’t prevent her from being a police officer again, only if she is convicted. The city hasn’t convicted a police officer in a long time. Ms. Mosby charged several officers, including one sergeant from my area in Southwest Baltimore but then she dismissed all the charges after the publicity died down. Another officer from this area was charged with causing an accident, the news reports said he was drinking, his charges were dismissed by Baltimore County. I would see him in his car in the 7-11 parking lot looking high and drunk.

Years ago my daughter was sexually harassed by a group of police officers, we learned in mediation two of the officers were charged with sexual harassment at their previous jobs, one was let go because of his behavior toward young girls. The Baltimore police still hired them both because they weren’t convicted of the crimes. It’s a shame so many people with ill intentions come to Baltimore to be police. I believe the lack of discipline over the years encouraged bad people to join the police department.


RG_Viza t1_jd87ajx wrote

A suspended police officer also has their carry suspended.


Iivefreebehappy t1_jd5n1gw wrote

And ccw permit holders are the dangerous ones? 😒


Scrilla_Gorilla_ t1_jd5qwsp wrote

It's not a zero sum game. Trust me, it's entirely possible to dislike the police and civilians that want to walk around armed.


vdubweiser t1_jd5t7z4 wrote

I am floored! Speechless!



RG_Viza t1_jd874c9 wrote

Isn’t that precious?