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instantcoffee69 t1_jd4rq5n wrote

> "I immediately asked [one of the drivers] if he was OK," Acket said. "I asked her as well, then she started swearing at me. I stepped away because I saw her gun and she was very aggressive. I asked her if she wanted me to call the police. She said she was the police."

God damn, ain't that a BPD response to the core.

When people ask "why don't people like/trust/respect BPD" Its encounters like this. There's donzens each day, each day the number of people who get treated like dog shit by BPD goes up by a few, and the community trust goes down.

> Documents revealed that Sheppard's bosses, along with her girlfriend, came to the scene.
In Sheppard's car. officers found drugs - white plastic bag with various eatable cannabis treats, two grinders that had loose green residue and suspected cannabis residue, according to documents.
As officers continued to search Sheppard's car, the bag containing the drugs was left on the passenger seat when Sheppard signaled to her girlfriend, who reported took the drugs and left the scene, according to documents.

Might want to check that boss out. Got a strong feeling that there may be some issues there too.