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kindastandtheman t1_ixxnt1q wrote

It's important to move around every now and then, making sure to stand up and stretch your back and neck muscles goes a long way to preventing stiffness and sore muscles.

As someone who's been in and out of physical therapy for neck-related reasons in the past, it's especially important to remember that sitting in any one position for too long isn't good for your body in the long term.


pretenditscherrylube t1_ixxnnup wrote

E-reader with a strap I bought separately. You can comfortably use one hand. It weighs only a few ounces. No backlight. No browser on the machine; it’s really only for reading.


Gophurkey t1_ixxp25d wrote

Weird advice, I know, but if you can make a space that is barrier free and safe for walking, try moving more as you read. It takes some practice and you definitely move and read slower, but I started reading and pacing (backwards, even!) and it really helped me.

You can also try a deep squat, holding your knees with one hand and a book in the other. Again, it's very short term, but changing positions regularly is so much better for you than just a supportive chair.

Recently, I've just been setting an alarm on my phone each hour or 90 minutes to do 30-40 pushups. I have to stop what I'm doing, sure, but it makes me feel less hunched and sore at the end of the day.


slayer1am t1_ixxn7u6 wrote

Get a supportive pillow to prop yourself up in bed. Get another pillow to put on your legs and set the book on that.


jesse-taylor t1_ixxo3my wrote

I sit in a comfortable chair with head support, and put my book on a poofy pillow on my lap. Even two if needed. I have cushioning for my elbows as well. Sometimes I put my feet up and sometimes I don't, but I always use the big pillow to hold the book up!


CrazyCatLady108 t1_ixxpv11 wrote

Hi there. This subject has been very popular in the past. Please use reddit search and/or check the /r/books/wiki/faq.