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Saw it’s been a few months since this website was discussed. I actually just discovered it last night. Local bookstores are so important and they have so much character we should all do what we can to support this.

This website allows you to select a local bookstore in your area and 30% of any book purchase on the website goes to the store.

I think it is amazing!



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ameliaspond t1_j2eg7wq wrote

I'm a manager at an indie bookstore and I agree, is wonderful! It honestly helped keep a lot of smaller indies alive during the pandemic.

I'd also encourage folks to checkout their local indie's website. It may promote things like free in-store events, indie-exclusive editions of new books, locally self-published authors, or signed bookplates. Plus a lot of them are unionized!

Thank you so much for supporting independent bookstores and have a wonderful new year. 💕


ReallyGene t1_j2e0mjb wrote

I have purchased all my books through since the scummy treatment of their employees by Amazon started surfacing. It usually takes a couple of extra days for a book to arrive, but that has made them more of a 'surprise' in the mail.

Also, if a book you want isn't available on Bookshop, it's usually because the publisher is in an anti-competitive agreement with Amazon, and you should call/email/tweet/toot the publisher (never the author) to complain.


beldaran1224 t1_j2eg0yd wrote


This is particularly problematic with audiobooks. My partner reads them exclusively and even with the library, has not been able to successfully avoid Audible. A ton of audiobooks are exclusive.


ameliaspond t1_j2el5mc wrote

Have you checked out It's like but for audiobooks!

It doesn't answer the issue of some content being exclusive to Audible, but it's a nice alternative for traditionally published audiobooks.


beldaran1224 t1_j2fc0vu wrote

My partner uses our library almost exclusively. He has only used Audible once, and it's because the book was an exclusive and he was super excited about it. Other exclusives he's run into, he ultimately doesn't read, which is disheartening. I don't think we've ever come across one he wanted that the library didn't have that wasn't an Audible exclusive.


ekargvintage t1_j2ezgoh wrote

I love Libero.FM and use it way more regularly than I ever used Audible. 10/10


-1_2_3 t1_j2f1j6e wrote

I was on bookshop’s site the other day & it directed me to libro’s site for the purchase. If you didn’t know, libro isn’t much better to creators than amzn/audible & they also promote the monthly credit system.


ameliaspond t1_j2f5aap wrote

Libro has been a wonderful partner for indie bookstores!

I can only speak to my own experience with them as a bookseller and customer (I buy audiobooks every month from them without touching the credit system), and it's been nothing but positive.

However, I cannot speak to the author's experience! Do you have a source you could point me to? I always want to learn more.


-1_2_3 t1_j2f6yk8 wrote

CORRECTION: per PeterAhlstrom “It’s significantly lower than 45% of retail when you use a credit” end correction

As a customer of libro my only complaint is getting sucked into the monthly credits & then I learned from Brandon Sanderson’s team libro only gives authors 45%.

Could you offer instruction how to link the comment here? I’m not sure how to do it.

Edit: “Unfortunately, Libro.FM pays a very low royalty (based on the retail price) when you use a credit. That makes sense when you set the retail price high, but not when we set it at $15 because that's what people actually pay. So we (I'm Brandon's VP of publishing) had to pass on listing the books on Libro.FM. If they change their royalty for cheap books we'll happily change that.” From /u/peterahlstrom


-1_2_3 t1_j2f2mpd wrote

Take a look at UK’s xigxag too, no monthly credits either.


geophagustapajos t1_j2etdi9 wrote

Have you looked into scribd? They have most of everything I've ever wanted!


[deleted] t1_j2egpj3 wrote



beldaran1224 t1_j2egy74 wrote

No. I'm not interested in putting narrators and authors out of business because I don't like Amazon. For many self-published authors, in particular, they're on Audible because they can't get on other platforms.


anadem t1_j2ew5pk wrote

Authors get very meager payments from Audible; Audible is a terrible branch of the Amazon borg.


beldaran1224 t1_j2fdm5d wrote

They get sales numbers and they still get more than they would with you pirating. Don't pretend you're doing authors any favors by stealing their work.


Swarrlly t1_j2f39xd wrote

Sometimes if you reach out there is a way to purchase drm free versions of the audiobooks directly from the author.


shnibbershnab t1_j2el6dk wrote

Depending on the author they may be able to put pressure in the publisher, I’d argue against “never the author”. The author may not know. Don’t go yell at the author of course.


unklethan t1_j2eoba7 wrote

>Depending on the author they may be able to put pressure in the publisher

Like Brandon Sanderson is trying to do with Audible/Amazon


Swarrlly t1_j2f32mw wrote

As long as you aren’t rude reaching out directly to the author is never bad. Sometimes you can purchase directly from them and they get a bigger cut.


Bookish_Butterfly t1_j2dvvrw wrote

I seriously need to utilize this website. There is a bookstore I visited often growing up that I haven’t been to since. They are a local indie store mostly supported by the community but they deserve more.


notunremarkable t1_j2eeg9g wrote

Most local bookstores will also order books for you and then they get 100% of the profit. But is a great alternative if you don't actually visit your local bookstores often. Our closest bookstore just links to their page as their online store!


SewerRanger t1_j2eg4bo wrote

Right, everyone on here goes on about how they love supporting local bookstores by not purchasing from the local bookstore


blargablargh t1_j2eibzf wrote

As a former employee of several Indie bookstores, some of which aren't around anymore, this rings very true.


FixedFront t1_j2eoatw wrote

Yup. I'm lucky to have a local that not only orders anything but also does direct shipping. They kept me well supplied during the pandemic shutdowns.


StDorothyMantooth23 t1_j2eo7uo wrote

Indie bookseller here— some indie bookstores have online stores as well that you can order from. I do the online orders at the bookstore I work at and it’s always a thrill to get orders from people across the country who consider us their “local” indie!


boysen_bean t1_j2elzuz wrote

My local bookstore has said that if it’s a book they don’t carry in-store, they make the same profit from as they do if you order from them directly. They heavily promote bookshop for that reason.


Chateau_Cat t1_j2f2349 wrote

Most indies ship even if they don't have an online store. It means calling or emailing them instead of just clicking around but like if you ask directly then they also might tell you they have a used copy, or that the book releases in paperback soon or other useful things


ruckus666 t1_j2e9arr wrote

And don't forget Libby!

Rent library e-books, audiobooks, digital magazines, and more straight to your phone!


PluralCohomology t1_j2edby2 wrote

Also for older works, which are in the public domain, you have Project Gutenberg.


Fr0gm4n t1_j2efxh3 wrote

Reminder: Libby is still OverDrive on the backend. Libby is just the new frontend user app to replace their previous app that was named OverDrive. It's all a part of their marketing to make it "friendly".

It was: OverDrive the app to use OverDrive the service provided by OverDrive the company

It's now: Libby the app to use OverDrive the service provided by OverDrive the company

EDIT: I'm not saying it's bad at all! Sorry. I'm pointing it out because a lot of people think Libby is its own service and get confused about how it's a part of OverDrive.


greebytime t1_j2eh3vv wrote

You say this like it’s a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing?


ruckus666 t1_j2enw1b wrote

Huh! I had no idea! Thank you for the information.


Optimistic__Elephant t1_j2ez3sa wrote

Thanks for explaining this. I’ve always been confused how the two seem to be used quasi-interchangeably.


ameliaspond t1_j2eijsw wrote

Hoopla is also great for borrowing digital media from your local library!


dracostheblack t1_j2epuaw wrote

I only read ebooks anymore and never find anything on libby


MamaPajamaMama t1_j2fio6v wrote

Libby is only as good as your library's collection. I have cards at 4 libraries and some have much better selection than others. You also may be able to request your library purchase books through the Libby website.


dracostheblack t1_j2fj4qu wrote

Yeah might need to expand my ideas on what I want to read too


okiegirl22 t1_j2efo0h wrote

Also always does a great job packing the books so they arrive in good condition! I had so many books from Amazon arrived all bent up from sliding around in the box during transit.


hgaterms t1_j2e2onp wrote

How have I not heard of this before? I'm usually using or the used section of Amazon.


ameliaspond t1_j2ehpej wrote is another wonderful site for used or hard-to-find books!


Beamarchionesse t1_j2fmve0 wrote

Thank you for this information, it's been very difficult for me to find several obscure and/or out of print reference books as of late. I tried through my local bookstore, but it's unfortunately owned by an asshat who went "Why would you even want that?" when I put in the request.


Toshiba1point0 t1_j2ebukv wrote

also abebooks or ebay


Fr0gm4n t1_j2ec34x wrote

> abebooks

Amazon has owned them since 2008.


Nossmirg t1_j2emovl wrote

Amazon owns them, but at least you are still buying from actual book shops, so they benefit.


unklethan t1_j2eppzx wrote

I worked as the store manager of an indie shop for a few years after running their online store by myself.

Abe hardly benefits the actual book shops. It's crowded with megasellers, just like Amazon is. I would say half of listings on both sites are by HalfPriceBooks or Goodwill. Most sellers who move over 1,000 books a year online will use an automatic listing service like Neatoscan that posts on Amazon and Abe (and like 10 other sites) at the same time.

If you want to benefit actual book stores, buy from their website, call them and buy over the phone, or go visit them in person. Bookshop gets an honorable mention, because they share 30% of the profits with the book store while hosting the site and storing the books and doing the shipping. It's incredibly generous.


Melissa_Skims t1_j2dy0cs wrote

I hadn't heard of this before. Thanks for sharing!


misslizzie t1_j2ecs67 wrote

I use this site as much as possible instead of Amazon. The prices are not as low as Amazon (because, Amazon) but it's seriously just as convenient, and I love supporting local stores. I'll do this for gifts as well, when I send books to niblings for birthdays/Christmas. And you can preorder stuff too! I've ordered new stuff from Penguin Random House through Bookshop and it generally comes within a day or two of the release date.


heartshapedpox t1_j2equ8f wrote

Not sure if you knew this, but Penguin has a Reader Rewards program and will accept purchases from just about anywhere, including, for credit!


lightenupsquirt t1_j2eq423 wrote

Do they ship for free?


misslizzie t1_j2erw92 wrote

It’s not free, but I’ve always read that free shipping is a myth anyway - they just add it to the price of whatever you’re buying. I’ll pay a few bucks in shipping to benefit local shops.


Mehitabel9 t1_j2e62yy wrote

Thank you for this! I didn't know it existed. Now it's bookmarked.


natus92 t1_j2eji5u wrote

Friendly reminder there's a whole world outside of America too! (Ok, it seems to be available for the UK and Spain but still...)


jesst t1_j2exj9s wrote

In the UK I recommend

It's the same idea but a British company (and older the


ladygoodgreen t1_j2el7at wrote

Too bad, looks like they do not serve Canada.


earlesstoadvine t1_j2ejacv wrote

Its really cool but I dont fancy paying delivery fees for already slightly more expensive books. I go to my local shops regularly but if I need something specific that they dont have - Blackwells. Free delivery on anything and 90% of the time prices are cheaper than anywhere else. And that’s why as much as I’d like, I won’t use

Sadly, as of February, Blackwells is owned by Waterstones corporation. But they still have their own websites and prices and as far as I’m aware the employees are treated well. So I’d rather support them than something owned by Amazon.


ilikedirt t1_j2dtxdl wrote

Thank you for the reminder! Going to browse now 😊


TheBookShopOfBF t1_j2ejdyk wrote

But why not just order from your local bookstore's website? All Bookshop does is the same thing local bookstores do: buy the books from the publisher/distributor and then sell them to you.

Why not give your local bookstore (or some bookstore of your choosing, if you don't have a "local") all the margin, rather than giving Bookshop a little cut?

If for some reason I can't understand, it's Amazon or Bookshop, then by all means Bookshop. Amazon is bad. I just can't quite figure out what Bookshop offers that your local bookshop does not offer, though I guess some locals just set Bookshop up as their online stores, in which case I guess Bookshop is just acting as a webhost and is charging the bookstore a fee for doing it, which is fine.

Anyway, mostly just putting it out there that most local bookshops would be happy to ship books to you.


boysen_bean t1_j2emfgr wrote

My local bookstore says that if it’s a book they don’t have in-store that youre picking up in-store, they make the same profit if you order from bookshop or from them directly. They promote bookshop a lot for this reason. You can always ask your local book store what works best for them.


unklethan t1_j2erje1 wrote

> I just can't quite figure out what Bookshop offers that your local bookshop does not offer

In short, Bookshop is a tool that good local shops can use to boost their chances of making a sale.

Bookshop is a great resource for indie stores that focus on promoting local authors and therefore have less in-store space for James Pattersons or Colleen Hoovers. If a fan of those books passes through town, however, the bookstore can still make the sale and gain a customer through bookshop.

It's great for niche bookstores. I visited a small bookstore in Utah once that focused on mining history, Terry Tempest Williams desert ecology stuff, and touristy coffee table books of Utah scenery. If Bookshop had been a thing then, I could have asked for a copy of A Man Called ove, and they could have said "Sorry, we don't carry that one, since it's not Utah related, but you can order a copy here," and hand me a card for bookshop.

It's also a lifesaver for used bookstores. They tend to have little control over the books they have. Of course, they decide what to keep and what to put on the shelves, but they can't just magically make Brandon Sanderson books show up. At best, they can have some kind of request system that will flag books and send a notice to a customer. Being able to still sell a book without setting up the entire enterprise of a new bookstore is a saving grace.


Fearless-Aerie-4721 t1_j2fbojr wrote

As a bookseller, I make about the same profit margin, don’t have to place a special order or worry about shipping/damages from my publisher, and also bookshop provides a profit pool payout twice a year in addition to those funds.


Reasonable-Public659 t1_j2fthtb wrote

My (only) local bookstore’s website is actually a page on Bookshop lol. I obviously prefer to go in person, but it’s nice to have the option.


Optimistic__Elephant t1_j2ezgih wrote

Is there something like this for ebooks? I use Libby for what I can, but wait times are often months long.


regress_tothe_meme t1_j2fxam5 wrote

I tried buying an ebook on and the experience was awful. They required downloading a third-party app which was a hassle in itself. And the reading experience was horrible. It took 3-4 taps to open a book and there was no highlighting or note taking ability. I couldn’t find an option to download an epub to manually load onto my Kindle. Then I discovered their purchase agreement doesn’t allow returns on ebooks, even though this is not disclosed during checkout. Fortunately, they did give me a refund.

Unfortunately, this is why I stick to Kindle.

I’d love to find another option, but I also have similar trouble finding what I’m looking for on Libby. And when they do have it, I usually have to wait weeks to check it out.


medea_dei t1_j2envpq wrote

Friendly reminder include location in the title. Doesn't seem to work for EU.


ParadiseLost91 t1_j2euaa4 wrote

Sadly it's only an American thing! Wish they would expand to Europe because it sounds amazing!
Though we don't have Amazon either, so maybe there's not as big a need for it but still. I usually find that my local book store is able to order home any books they don't have in stock!


erst77 t1_j2exleq wrote

Thank you for this! I admit, I used to use Amazon a LOT for books, but now I try to buy everything through Bookshop or directly through my favorite local shop, The Last Bookstore. When I make an Amazon Wishlist for books, I use a plugin for the Chrome web browser that lets me add books from Bookshop or The Last Bookstore to my wishlist instead of the Amazon ones.


propernice t1_j2eyuz4 wrote

I’ve been using it exclusively for buying books! I love it, especially knowing I’m supporting a local indie shop.


ekargvintage t1_j2ez8pn wrote

I love shopping at and recommend it to all my friends as an alternative to Amazon.


megglesmcgee t1_j2ehpyt wrote is fantastic however check who you're supporting by shopping there. The first few times I ordered my money was going to Reedpop, which isn't a giant Amazon conglomerate but not what I would call a small local business. Iirc you can specify through your order who you're supporting.


proness101 t1_j2enng6 wrote hasn't ever done me wrong either! Longer than amazon but great service and always free shipping


SerBronn7 t1_j2faie0 wrote

I feel like a killjoy for pointing this out but they're owned by Amazon.


lightenupsquirt t1_j2ere6m wrote

Thanks for sharing, I just checked it out. They even have a specific section for Spanish language books, which is pretty nice!


[deleted] t1_j2fchys wrote



proness101 t1_j2fl72n wrote

Oh wow thanks for pointing that out!! I got the reference from school and have used it since. I'll defs be checking out other recommendations here thanks fam


IR-Master t1_j2epcnt wrote

Does it work in the US only?


carlitobrigantehf t1_j2epst0 wrote

Intergenerational Irish book seller with free shipping


MyCatThinksImNeat t1_j2eqta9 wrote

I got my fathers Christmas present off Bookshop a few years ago. It was, with tax, around $23-24. The exact same book, edition, condition, etc. Amazon was selling for $160.

Use. This. Website. And Thriftbooks as well.


mister_clark t1_j2er26g wrote

Wish it was available in Canada.


Pringle2424 t1_j2f0q1u wrote

I’ve never heard of this, thank you for sharing!!!


Swarrlly t1_j2f2uef wrote

Make sure to also check if your local store has a website. Im able to order directly from my local store and they call me when my book is ready to pick up. They will also do local shipping but I find it nice to head out and pick it up in person.


grumpyxsunshine t1_j2f6ft7 wrote

I have zero local bookstores near me :(

Even the nearest b&n is 30minutes away.


smita16 OP t1_j2f6wcj wrote

You can search by any zip code. So you can even help the store 30 min away!


grumpyxsunshine t1_j2f76tp wrote

The closest to me is over an hour away, but I'll try the zip code thing.


Sun_Devilish t1_j2f6vsg wrote

With so many things going to ebooks, I fear for the future of used bookstores.

That being said, I only have so many bookcases.


frenchiestfry77 t1_j2f7pks wrote

I didn't know about it, so this post is most helpful! Thank you


confrita t1_j2f83a3 wrote

Anyonr knows if they ship to Argentina? I can't find the information on the website


Bworm98 t1_j2f8e3y wrote

Good to know, thanks for the tip.


FailedPerfectionist t1_j2elwyy wrote

I almost never buy books, because I use minimalism to help manage my ADHD. (Thank you from my bottom to the libraries!)

But I just read Emily Nagoski's Come As You Are. I was about to suggest it to my 18-year-old, when I realized that this is the kind of book that's more like a reference text that you might want to read slowly and revisit over the years.

So I decided to buy her a copy. And I found my local bookseller on! I gave her the book yesterday, and it was predictably awkward, but I told her I wished I'd had that book when I was her age. I hope she finds it helpful.


ShieldOnTheWall t1_j2em834 wrote

Why not just order from the local bookstore???


stormcynk t1_j2emups wrote

I'd love to buy more from but they seem to have a pretty limited stock of books. I look there first most times but never seem to find the exact edition I'm looking for. 95% of the time I end up having to use


Bumish1 t1_j2esdjs wrote

A lot of small to medium sized book stores have websites now. Just Google bookstore and find a local shop that has a website.


Strict_Extension_184 t1_j2fd44w wrote

If you have a website that offers affiliate links to vendors (like a blog), then Bookshop offers better terms on commissions than Amazon and you can feel good about where you’re sending folks. This is actually one of the major reasons it was created.

And if you don’t have a store you’d like to support, you can shop without picking, and the store commission goes into a pool shared by all the independent bookstores who are registered with the site.


katestatt t1_j2fkb4k wrote

I love going to bookstores!!


benmalakian2 t1_j2fr9zj wrote

Thanks been looking for steveos autobiography and it was on there! Just ordered


kinder74 t1_j2ftlsj wrote also for my UK folks!


CegeRoles t1_j2fu830 wrote

What are the delivery times like?


Autarch_Kade t1_j2elbla wrote

Isn't using a website like this avoiding that "character" the local bookstore has?

If you're not going in, then why's it matter what that in-store experience is to you at that point?

And further, why does a bookstore deserve money due to the arbitrary coincidence of its zip code matching your own? Why shouldn't a business halfway across the country deserve to survive just as much? I've never really understood this mentality that a business deserves to survive because it hasn't found much success and grown yet, but if it did grow then it'd no longer be worth spending money at


ameliaspond t1_j2eq1vk wrote

>why does a bookstore deserve money due to the arbitrary coincidence of its zip code matching your own?

I think it's because indie bookstores usually offer something additional to their communities!

For example, the indie I work for has the only free public restroom in the shopping area (we believe it's a human right), hosts free in-store events with authors, promotes locally self-published authors, drives authors to schools for in-classroom experiences for kids, hosts a holiday book drive to replenish our local school libraries, and sponsors events across the community!

Yes, we sell books to the people in our community, but we also try to lift up our community. I hope that makes sense.


boysen_bean t1_j2emsjf wrote

I like supporting my community because my community supports me. It’s not a matter of deserving it or not. I want to be able to walk to a bookstore owned by someone local, and purchase a book. I want my neighbors to be able to do the same. I want to be able to go to local book events and see local authors talk.


Autarch_Kade t1_j2eniw6 wrote

I want that for everyone, not just people centered around me


boysen_bean t1_j2f6ccd wrote

Yup, i want it for everyone too, but i don’t have money to support every bookstore everywhere, so i choose to support the one close to me.


Fearless-Aerie-4721 t1_j2fkbf7 wrote

As a bookseller, my shop supports my community and a portion of profits go back into making our city a better place. I don’t “deserve money” from anyone but when people make the choice to support our shop it stays local, funds free programs, book giveaways and more, and helps our local economy. We work with local authors, nonprofits, and vendors as well giving them a platform.


pierzstyx t1_j2en6tr wrote

Friendly reminder that Amazon has more small and local business on it, giving you a wider selection of independent booksellers to support at a lower cost to you and a higher profit to them as Amazon takes far less than 30% of sales.


unklethan t1_j2etwcg wrote

Amazon has more sellers because it is the only* platform.

Most of the book sellers are Half Price Books or Goodwill.

As of 2021, Amazon charged a 15% fee AND a $1.85 fee for every book sale, left you to cover shipping, and you paid for your own warehouse. So on a $10.00 book, fees are already at 33.5% BEFORE shipping and handling.
Oh wait, there's the cost of goods as well. It's not like you're getting books for free (unless you're Goodwill). Publishers usually charge stores about 40-60% of the cover price.

So my ten dollar book gets me 6.65 before shipping and handling, 2.65 after shipping, 2.55 after storage if I have a great deal on a warehouse, and NEGATIVE $1.45 after I pay the publisher.

A $30.00 book will only net me $7.52 after that. From that money, I need to pay employees and invest in improvements to my store.
Bookshop just hands my store $9.00 on that same sale, and they store and they ship.

*I know Amazon isn't the only platform, but they've dominated to market to the point of monopoly.