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DrKatz11 t1_jc4ggir wrote

It does! Looks fantastic! What’s your inspiration?


painty_mimi OP t1_jc5t9tq wrote

Thank you so much!! I don't really have much of an inspiration this is just my style. I tend to draw like this when I get anxious so I worked on turning that into my art style. I'm actually a small artist and all my work looks similar to this although this one was a bit experimental for me.

Hope that wasn't oversharing πŸ˜…


the_disintegrator t1_jc5or0z wrote

Nightmare before christmas was my initial thought.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc5tb7e wrote

I haven't seen that, would you recommend?


Sim0nsaysshh t1_jc5u3vn wrote

Yeah your art style suggests you probably would.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc62mns wrote

Probably would like It?


Sim0nsaysshh t1_jc63kz2 wrote

Its not always a given, people look at my interests and suggest things, sometimes they are right and wrong. But the art style is similar and its made my Tim Burton


savvyblackbird t1_jc7snbt wrote

You probably will. It’s amazing and beautiful with characters that are still extremely popular even though the movie came out in the 90s. Occasionally you can find it playing in theaters. Usually around Halloween. You’d probably love Corpse Bride too.

I also think you’d love Edward Gorey if you don’t already. He wrote some amazing macabre children’s books illustrated with his pen and ink drawings.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc8frfl wrote

I've seen corpse bride!! It's so...I think it's best to describe it by saying what someone else on here said and call it hauntingly beautiful.

I'll definitely check out Edward Gorey, thanks for the suggestion!


TheMelv t1_jc51or6 wrote

Getting some Jhonen Vasquez/Tim Burton vibes from this.


drifterswound t1_jc5vzov wrote

I immediately thought of the little sad ghost girl from Squee.


savvyblackbird t1_jc7qkeh wrote

I love Invader Zim but hadn’t heard of Squee or Johnny C. until today. Thank you so much!


drifterswound t1_jc7t3vj wrote

I believe the Johnny and Squee comics are both available in a trade paper back. It's been awhile since I've read them but if you're a fan of Zim you'll enjoy them both. Just a warning the Johnny comics get pretty dark and unsettling. Squee is still pretty dark but leans more into the humor.


savvyblackbird t1_jc7vbp0 wrote

I saw Squee was available as a book now. I love dark and macabre stuff. I’m a proud deathling and also don’t mind disturbing. Thanks for the warning, though.


TheFabulousBardu t1_jc5sumr wrote

Have you read/seen The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories ? It feels very that.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc5tk3u wrote

No, I've actually never even heard of it 😢 I'll go check that out.


Resistyrox t1_jc5gix9 wrote

reminds me a bit of Rudimentary Peni.


Kaesh41 t1_jc5qbti wrote

Getting some Scary stories to tell in the dark vibes


Modmypad t1_jc5z54m wrote

This is great!! Good post for r/HeavyMind as well!!


Nivek8789 t1_jc7kusz wrote

Really cool, I sometimes like do something similar and see what arises. Kinda inspires me to try playing around with this method a bit more.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc7qnj7 wrote

Oh please do!! The process was very fun! And if you do I hope you'll post it here for everyone to see πŸ˜†


yuvi3000 t1_jc5ehd8 wrote

This reminds me of the French indie video game "OFF"


OhYeahItsRad t1_jc5wepr wrote

I love it! When do we see more?


painty_mimi OP t1_jc62cld wrote

Idk if I'm allowed to link my Instagram here but I have more art up there. It's painty.mimi


jesuisundog t1_jc61mjm wrote

This is great. Do you have an Instagram for your art?


painty_mimi OP t1_jc62fu4 wrote

Yes I do. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link it but it's painty.mimi


kitteneatermimi t1_jc62i66 wrote

I love it so much! I go by Mimi and this is 100% how I’m feeling this week so I’m feeling so seen rn πŸ˜‚


painty_mimi OP t1_jc62r3s wrote

πŸ˜†πŸ˜† another mimi! Glad you like it!


shrekker49 t1_jc68ie7 wrote

I dunno, looks kinda cute to me. Or maybe how I feel on bad ADHD days.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc6tlg3 wrote

πŸ˜‚ I find these faces I draw cute as well.


TickleMonsterCG t1_jc6abkn wrote

Goodness this looks like a still from Mr. Freeman


painty_mimi OP t1_jc6trnm wrote

I just looked it up, it looks like a fun show to watch


Karmachinery t1_jc6crfp wrote

Bf is right. That’s really cool.


Wrekfin t1_jc6qufp wrote

Looks good. I like it. I would bring the body in black all the way down but wouldn't add anything. Maybe taper the body out.


LostMyAccountToo t1_jc6tyo6 wrote

Very Nightmare before Christmas vibes.

You should check out Tim Burtons art work. He incorporates it in all.his films.

Like the statue in Beetlejuice


painty_mimi OP t1_jc6wq27 wrote

I love Tim Burton's work. I haven't seen them all though, nightmare before christmas is on my list!!


Enigma1959 t1_jc7nm68 wrote

Wow! That's horrifying -- it's looks like the figure is popping off the page in 3-D. Well done!


McNasty420 t1_jc7oj8x wrote

Awww, somebody drew my hair when it's humid outside!


McNasty420 t1_jc7p2y7 wrote

Hey did any of you guys see "Ghost World" lol. "This looks like the work of Phillip..."


painty_mimi OP t1_jc7qf9c wrote

Never seen it but I'll look it up πŸ‘€


McNasty420 t1_jc7wg33 wrote

It is one of my favorite all-time movies. You should definitely watch it. Also, I think your art is fantastic.


painty_mimi OP t1_jc8famr wrote

Okay I'll give it a watch πŸ˜† also thank you so much for the kind words 🩷


daishomaster t1_jc7rf1i wrote

Hauntingly beautiful.

Nice work.

This would look great animated too!


painty_mimi OP t1_jc8fh5i wrote

Thank you!! I wish I knew how to animate 😭 it's on my list of skills to learn


cdscholar t1_jc8373n wrote

Do you have more art? Would love to see more


painty_mimi OP t1_jc8f3kc wrote

Yes!! I have an Instagram where I post everything. It's painty.mimi


altheamarie333 t1_jcdrxlb wrote

I'd buy prints


painty_mimi OP t1_jcef8yv wrote

I don't do any sales as of now but that's so sweet of you, thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ©·


Jenizzle4real t1_jc7y3ay wrote

I like it! It reminds me of those childhood books w that kid named David


painty_mimi OP t1_jc8f6py wrote

I don't think I've heard of this, would love to know about it though πŸ˜†