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koscheiskowska t1_iyrhmy7 wrote

Pickled fetuses, the cursed snack


Dranj t1_iyrtap8 wrote

They were donated so long ago no one is quite sure how to legally dispose of them, and it somehow feels worse to leave them collecting dust in a closet.

Have you asked a faculty member in the building where they're being displayed? Probably a better chance one of them knows the origins rather than some random redditors.


psycholepzy t1_iys0csj wrote

OP confirmed elsewhere that it's likely Georgia (Tech), which - if it is - has a robust biotechnology department.

Edit: It's not Georgia Tech. See below.


EzraSkorpion t1_iys4ww7 wrote

Wrong Georgia :) the labels are written in the language "Georgian", from which I conclude that the school is in the Republic of Georgia, a country in the Caucasus.


Forged_Originals t1_iys3ug0 wrote

So OP doesn’t even know about the school they go to? And what’s with the writing on top of the label? This whole post is as fishy smelling as those fetuses.


EzraSkorpion t1_iys55ua wrote

That writing is Georgian, and OP has indicated their school is in Georgia. The country.


CurrencyManager t1_iyrxcsd wrote

Studying dead fetuses is how we learned about a lot of fetal development and birth defects. Science is not always pretty but it is necessary. Granted nowadays, there is not much new science left to be learned from those particular specimens, so they are preserved for instructional purposes for new students.


Screwdork t1_iyrmkcm wrote

Pre-ordered "The Thinker" over on the left


LughEmblem t1_iyrome8 wrote

Idk cuz babies are cute?


Ecto-1A t1_iyrxslw wrote

I’m assuming the university hasn’t always been tech oriented. Those labels are from late 1800s early 1900s so likely properly of the university when that was how you would study things like that.


Saba_Kandashvili OP t1_iys8i7d wrote

Uni was founded in 1918 but I have no idea when they acquired this particular building, but most likely it wasn't always tech oriented


bigloser42 t1_iyrxm6l wrote

Where else should you store your babies in jars?


Hadochiel t1_iyrzlit wrote

That's called decorating, bro, look it up


nerdyitguy t1_iyshxk9 wrote

There are few things more grounding than your first experience of someones death or of new life, and the pulling back of the curtain the seperates us from the mineral, air and the soil.

The college probably has no means to dispose of them and there is no reason to, as it humbles everyone that looks upon them and wonders of the things that could have been, the things that are, and the things that could be.


mcnathan80 t1_iysce9m wrote

Back in the traveling Freak Show days these little guys would be called "pickled punks". They were essentially procured (stolen) from med schools but marketed as a mysterious phenomenon


McDuchess t1_iyszdh5 wrote

When babies die in utero, saving their corpses was a way to allow the study of embryonic and fetal development in the centuries before technology allowed us to see inside the womb.

Those babies may have died over 100 years ago. And they contributed much to our collective knowledge about human beings.


awkface t1_iyszy70 wrote

Bad code examples…


XTJ7 t1_iyrxuad wrote

The cardboard boxes kept leaking


YadaYadaYou t1_iys0gtb wrote

Side Show operators referred to these as “pickled punks”


YesplzMm t1_iyt41cx wrote

Because when the tech job industry bubble finally bursts like it already has begun to do, you'll have another tool to help you pick up your new profession.


komari_k t1_iyruc42 wrote

It's too feed skynet


Ninjurk t1_iyrxp3h wrote

Real world examples of containers. When you organize the fetus bottles, you become kubernetes.


jakob767 t1_iyrytx4 wrote

Hell yea, you got a jar of Orphan Tears?


majtnkr t1_iystiub wrote

We are the priests, of the temples, of Syrinx

  • courtesy of Rush....

GhastInTheShell t1_iyt6y9c wrote

They were just going to waste, completely unappreciated in the dean’s house where no one ever visited to look at them.


ttocsgnorts t1_iyrthva wrote

According to some people those are not babies just cells