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the_nebulae t1_j0zi4ek wrote

“It’s time, isn’t it? The black stars. Black stars rise. I know what happens next. I saw you in my dream. You’re in Carcosa now. With me. He sees you. You’ll do this again. Time is a flat circle.”


SammyLuke t1_j10rlla wrote

God damn that first season was some of the best television ever put to screen.


Interloper9000 t1_j111gjl wrote

My friend doesn't get the reference, what show?


RicklessBastards t1_j12lseu wrote

I agree. I think it’s the single best season of any show of all time. Truly epic tv.


WnDelPiano t1_j12oqc7 wrote

The moment I rewatch that show and I get to the "time is a flat circle" I need to be high as fuck and replay that shit at least 10 times.


Rolo_NoLifer t1_j10zx0i wrote

I don't sleep, I just dream.


walsh_vn t1_j113rm3 wrote

"I think about my daughter now, and what she was spared. Sometimes I feel grateful. The doctor said she didn’t feel a thing, went straight into a coma. Then, somewhere in that blackness, she slipped off into another deeper kind. Isn’t that a beautiful way to go out, painlessly as a happy child? Trouble with dying later is you’ve already grown up. The damage is done. It’s too late."


tokitaya t1_j115zob wrote

The writing of this show is a thing of beauty. Truly excellent.


blechop t1_j11deya wrote

Would you quit saying odd shit


M00NShoez t1_j11evuk wrote

Do you strike me as more of a talker or a doer


ShittyScribbler t1_j0zhgg9 wrote

These are always rad af, been obsessed with the whole series. Killer lines!!


Departedart OP t1_j0zmui2 wrote

Thanks 😁 soon I'll reveal new deck 😊


ShittyScribbler t1_j10fu0q wrote

oOo, are you planning to get decks printed at all?! I would drool over these if I could get a proper set!

*Edit: JK found the website. Merry Christmas to myself!


Departedart OP t1_j10g8ys wrote

Both this one and Tarot had Kickstarter campaigns. Poker is available at Tarot will be available in January. Kickstarter for new deck in the same seris as the first poker deck will be announced also in January on kickstarter.


rchar081 t1_j10d9oq wrote

Pretty sure that’s the elder from the game Path Of Exile


ragingtwerkaholic t1_j0zd1ey wrote

> …The King in Yellow had opened his tattered mantle, and there was only God to cry now…


jera111 t1_j10ryck wrote

The king in yellow and the Queen in red…


DXGabriel t1_j1289pq wrote

Aaaaaalll praaaaaise... he's foooound the aaaawful truuuuth...


MacNeil73 t1_j0zfyh2 wrote

This is really really REALLY cool.


Departedart OP t1_j0zmpwk wrote

Thanks 🥰


MacNeil73 t1_j0zotaj wrote

I've always wanted to try to make some kind of "playing card art" like this but I have never been able to find the inspiration. Yours is very well done


jayward54 t1_j108v1t wrote

ETI Blue Oyster Cult: “King in yellow; Queen in red!”.


billyjoebobray t1_j10vyrm wrote

Reminds me of Path of Exile, you should post over there and possibly check out some of the fan art.


Departedart OP t1_j10xbfp wrote

Yeah I actually made a drawing of the elder after I posted BnW version of this card a year ago :D


LittleMrsMolly t1_j0zluv9 wrote

Big Sleep Token vibes


coat-tail_rider t1_j1111aq wrote

Or, you know, 19th century literature. That terrible band doesn't have anything to do with it.


rafael-a t1_j10b2fi wrote

He wears no mask


nalydpsycho t1_j11o6l7 wrote

Don't say his name. Lest you lose sanity.


Nightmare_Tonic t1_j0zbpkb wrote

There you go. You took the more yellow advice


PaperAlchemist t1_j0zufwq wrote

Ok... where is this deck sold? When does the Kickstarter begin? How do I give you my money in exchange for a whole deck of beautiful Cosmic Horror playing cards??!!?

Love this!


Departedart OP t1_j10f964 wrote

Its available on also there will be another deck released in January on kickstarter thats continuing this one 😁


Ammiral t1_j117fng wrote

I would love to have a deck with such design!


Wikki_ t1_j126u1z wrote

I'd actually love a deck of cards with this kind of thing


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AlIUsernamesAreTaken t1_j0zvuvc wrote

King in Yellow is it's name. It's a creation of H.P. Lovecraft.


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AlIUsernamesAreTaken t1_j10mobw wrote

Thanks for clearing that up, my mistake


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DrRubberDong t1_j11a0do wrote

Iam 40,i Read everything Lovecraft Related amd never heard of the Yellow King until last year when i read his book.

When did Lovecraft reference the King in yellow?

I find the King In yellow as one of the most influencing books i ve ever read. A bit too poetic frequently.. But definitely effected the way i write.


wordefy t1_j102dw6 wrote

That new Revocation track "Strange and Eternal" talks about the yellow king and the place where black stars rise, and getting lost in Carcosa. Cool to see more imagery inspired by the same stories


AlexDavid1605 t1_j105elt wrote

This has a vibe that's a cross between a Stephen King story, Cthulhu, and Dark...


IgiEUW t1_j10cezt wrote

Elder doing some side hustle?


Keagass t1_j10mzv9 wrote

Hastur Hastur Hastur Hastur Hastur!


Chrisclaw t1_j10ow41 wrote

I legit thought I was on r/Sandman and that this was some horror version of Destiny


jera111 t1_j10s5bj wrote

Wait, let's move I'm in fairy rings and tower beds "Don't report this, " three men said Books by the blameless and by the dead King in yellow, queen in red


strawberrytaint t1_j11czg3 wrote

Definitely just bought the double set from you after seeing this post! I'm definitely getting this set when it's released too! Some seriously awesome art man


Departedart OP t1_j12xivr wrote

Thanks! Though I'm not Cthulhuproject I'm the artist so you bought it from him 😅 I sell prints only


strawberrytaint t1_j12z4r9 wrote

Ohhh, I see. I hope you make something from the deck sales too though. I still want to support you because it's your art that got me to buy the deck in the first place. Where can I find your prints to buy?


Departedart OP t1_j131m21 wrote

I get only 6% from the deck while on Teespring I get 55%. I had to reupload my entire shop so not all the designs are there yet but I hope you find something you like :)


AcE_57 t1_j11x3hd wrote

I don’t know why but WOW, I love this,


beloncia t1_j121y40 wrote

Always delivering. Great job!


CSherwood1 t1_j12b7hb wrote

Is this based off something or just incredible creativity Edit: both was the obvious answer


snaputoo t1_j12bspv wrote

Putrefy, rot, spoil and fester!


josh0ch t1_j12pmx6 wrote

This one might be my favourite


dominicslapshot t1_j134s6b wrote

Got this deck and played my first poker game with it this weekend amazing and awesome looking cards.


HouseAnt0 t1_j0zr0bk wrote

I remember reading The King In Yellow and being very disappointed that it has almost nothing to do with the king in yellow, its a collection of short stories, is not even that much horror more like weird mystery. One really good sci fi stories tho, very weird how old it is for the kind of concepts it has.


OwOegano_Infinite t1_j1069at wrote

Same here, the story about the man who had deluded himself into thinking he was meant to be Emperor was amazing, the rest was kinda meh, and severas stories werent even related to the mythos...


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OwOegano_Infinite t1_j109qpi wrote

I meant the King in Yellow mythos. Maybe I just got a shitty edition, but some of the stories were entirely unrelated to the KiY.


Raul_Coronado t1_j10l1t0 wrote

There was no King in Yellow mythos when it was written. That little story about the play was the genesis.


sparkyjay23 t1_j0zwoyw wrote

Every week it seems I get a new cover for the Kindle. Good work.


MycoTech t1_j0zwxzx wrote

It's a strong symbol, I'd be wary of fucking with it.


Cley_Faye t1_j119ew6 wrote

Hey, this reminds me of Hast


negator365 t1_j12p4as wrote

My son Chip died, he was stolen from a box at the Dicksborough Apartments. Now I have this new boy. . .


MyWordIsBond t1_j12yse1 wrote

Did something make The King in Yellow go viral sometime this year? It so, what was it?

I've heard the story mentioned or referenced weekly for the past 2 or 3 months. It's cool that a 125+ year old story is getting so much attention and so many new reads.


420fmx t1_j13cm8s wrote

Everything reminds me of her


Larechar t1_j13k5r8 wrote

Bakemonogatari vibes


jamgill t1_j14bztq wrote

r/rdr2 ability card thing


pablofs t1_j0zo3j5 wrote

I came here to read the comments about Princess Clara’s octopussoir… I’m so disappointed so far.


Sharkpuppyhug t1_j11f4gp wrote

Isn’t that the bad guy from my hero academia with a face hand?


MittenstheMighty t1_j0zea02 wrote

SCP Trading Cards


AlIUsernamesAreTaken t1_j0zvqwg wrote

This is a creation of H.P. Lovecraft, not an SCP.


OwOegano_Infinite t1_j105yxm wrote

The King in Yellow was created by Robert Chambers, stop spamming lies in every comment bro...


AlIUsernamesAreTaken t1_j10mvvo wrote

It was 2 comments, actually, and I was simply misinformed. You have a very loose interpretation of spamming.