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PsychotropicTraveler t1_j6gowgo wrote

Honestly that's sorta wholesome, in an odd kind of way.


PrivateBenji t1_j6gp689 wrote

My oldest has only lost her first 2 teeth. I'm definitely keeping them!


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6ionoa wrote

She also has hair from my first hair cut


PsychotropicTraveler t1_j6iosli wrote

Well that's just fricken adorable, sounds like your mom loves you lots


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6kdw8o wrote

Haha I hope so my Dad was worried they may have diseases on them but my mom still wants to keep them


TotallyInOverMyHead t1_j6k1xze wrote

at least, if you ever go missing and they find burned / managled bodies, she has DNA for comparrison.


Full_Temperature_920 t1_j6kfajp wrote

She's your mom lol, her own DNA would be good enough for that purpose


TotallyInOverMyHead t1_j6m4xr0 wrote

are you sure she is your BIOLOGICAL mom ? Because if she is not, it would make sense to store DNA material.


sreek4r t1_j6ivdpq wrote

Probably whiskers? It's strange but understandable. A lot of people do it.


Troyificus t1_j6h54me wrote

My wife kept all our kids baby teeth in case they need stem cells from them in the future.


Awordofinterest t1_j6j1hs9 wrote

And i've just learned that's an actual thing. Thanks for sharing.


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liberty285code6 t1_j6jyx1z wrote

My mom didn’t keep them bc if witches got ahold of them they could put a curse on us


steelcatcpu t1_j6ipdea wrote

I just approve of her taste in Tequila.


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6j0lam wrote

Haha that’s my dads he let me taste some of the 50$ a shot stuff in the blue bottle


TheRootofSomeEvil t1_j6jzmu7 wrote

I just saw that tequila Saturday at the liquor store. They keep it behind the counter because it's more expensive ($275 for the blue and white ceramic bottle).


Qui-Gon_Jeff t1_j6k2pzv wrote

Really? It’s ~160 in Texas


TheRootofSomeEvil t1_j6k4v2r wrote

Obviously - the mark up in Minnesota is much higher then. 😁


TheBuschels t1_j6kuc65 wrote

You need a new liquor store, the one I work at (also in mn) has that same Clase Azul for $150-160.


TheRootofSomeEvil t1_j6kyszi wrote

This was at the Hyvee Liquor Store in Savage. They did have a $150 version of tequila by the same maker that was in a clear bottle with blue.


TheBuschels t1_j6kz7sn wrote

That's the Blanco or Silver. The white and blue is the Reposado. I work in the Maple Grove area and yeah, we're way cheaper than that. Which is actually shocking, Hy-Vee is usually very competitive price wise.


wittyDolphin t1_j6ir3yo wrote

Don’t you have teeth and a lock of hair in a desk drawer for … checks notes summoning a nostalgia golem?


itzpepito t1_j6gnguh wrote

That’s a Mexican mom for you Lmaoo


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6iojnk wrote

Haha my mom is Finnish


ChAsap t1_j6jhdf2 wrote

Your Finnish mom has great tequila taste


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6ke3ln wrote

*American dad * he let me try some of it though


xRememberTheCant t1_j6jr9id wrote

Isn’t that blue and white bottle like 300 bucks?


RSGator t1_j6k0jbu wrote

About half that by me but I’ve seen it marked up like crazy in some stores. It’s a great tequila, total vanilla bomb.


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6kdn93 wrote

It taste amazing I don’t usually get pain high prices for a simple things but I understood that tequila


tipsychlo t1_j6ida8i wrote

After reading the replies I think I'm the only one that doesn't keep teeth 🙈


swissiws t1_j6isq7n wrote

I kept all of them for 30+years, then I decided they were just gross and tossed them away


TheGunshipLollipop t1_j6jnytr wrote

My wife recently showed my 15 year old son all the baby teeth she'd saved from him in a little sandwich bag.

He looked at it and said "That's some Silence of the Lambs stuff right there."


PistolMama t1_j6i5jhu wrote

I have my kid's teeth. Don't really know what to do with them.

Seriously wtf do I do with all these teeth!


Artistic_Exam7676 t1_j6j1fui wrote

Make a necklace.

We have our kid’s teeth saved too, lmao.


PistolMama t1_j6jg9r8 wrote

No. Nope. Not doing it!

I'm going to have to come up with some witchy shit to do with them


glassandstuff t1_j6iy3ij wrote

Dried cord, lock of hair, baby teeth next.


wesjc22 t1_j6gscif wrote


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6ioe8s wrote

Haha no tho my dad does have Reddit 💀


wesjc22 t1_j6kae2f wrote

Lmao hey fair enough, it's just the first day I've seen 2 teeth posts in the same day like that, so it was worth a shot right lol


IamChwisss t1_j6ibt5t wrote

My parents saved my teeth. They were really amused when 11 year old me would start collecting and saving the puppy's teeth and putting them with mine.

Not sure what the significance of saving the teeth is. Guess it's just a way for your parents to remember you from a time they really cherished you? Not sure why everyone is grossed out by it. There's way more disgusting things people do on the regular.

I don't plan on saving my kids teeth. But maybe my feelings will change when I have one.


IAlbatross t1_j6ixe6d wrote

I think the vast majority of parents keep their kids' baby teeth and a lock of hair from their first haircut, super common practice, at least in America.


iatealotofcheese t1_j6jco6z wrote

My mon saved my umbilical cord. When I was a teenager she purged a bunch of stuff and asked if I wanted it. Uh, no, thank you.


gellergreen t1_j6jn7dt wrote

Unfortunately I still have my kids umbilical cord… he’s almost a year and a half. it’s so gross but it feels wrong to throw it out lmao. My partner thinks I’m disgusting.. and he’s right!


pierce78 t1_j6ju2kd wrote

Are we not supposed to save them?


meave1 t1_j6jv7ub wrote

I kept my kids teeth too.


jsparker43 t1_j6k03lc wrote

Isn't this a normal thing?


hieijFox t1_j6k0zwa wrote

I have my baby teeth


Mushk t1_j6k1we6 wrote

I got mine in a small box somewhere


Catybird618 t1_j6k4lhx wrote

It's a thing us moms do sometimes. My kids think it's weird too.


Cass-hole t1_j6ku0l6 wrote

Looks like she also has a really expensive bottle of tequila


critic2029 t1_j6ky297 wrote

That’s pretty normal… it would be weirder if moms just threw them in the trash.


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6lglz3 wrote

But why is there only 13? I know I lost 1 in the sink but where are the rest


critic2029 t1_j6lhyij wrote

That I don’t have an answer for… there should be 20 for a full set. So you’re missing 6. Simplistic explanation is that as you got older you probably didn’t give them to her. (Or get a visit from the fairy.)


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6ljifd wrote

I gave her all my teeth and got money for them so Mabye she has them saved to curse me?


Anon_E_Mice t1_j6kygvk wrote

She has great taste in tequila!


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6lgdyr wrote

*dads! And it was as great


Anon_E_Mice t1_j6nur0a wrote

It spoiled me…I don’t want any other tequila but it’s hard to find.


DrSeuss19 t1_j6o2i0w wrote

Try Maestro dobel. I actually prefer it but that’s because it’s almost like a whiskey. Either it’s good shit for $60 or so bucks


Slight-Importance575 t1_j6hsexu wrote

Mine to, found them when we emptied my moms apartment after she moves to the retirement home, my wife think its discusting but I dont know what to do whit them 😅


SuperCaffeineDude t1_j6ku2v4 wrote

Keep them until your mother passes I'd say, can chuck them or bury them near her after with any other keepsakes if you're that way inclined.

I get you though, my parents are still middle aged, but I got lots of old crap from my siblings I feel bad chucking away, feels like you're throwing someone's memory away.


Drulock t1_j6ip9ug wrote

How did they get them back from the Tooth Fairy?


ssnabberz t1_j6iq5pp wrote

My dad also did this with my brother and me. Unsure what the appeal is but its kinda sweet


General_Nup t1_j6isnel wrote

Lol, I have my father’s!


Kcirnek_ t1_j6it5d4 wrote

That Casa Azul though


oWinterWhiteo t1_j6j8xm8 wrote

Pour the clase azul in there and let it sit for 30 days. I would be curious to see what happens.


Jrippan t1_j6ji2jj wrote

Same, my mom kept my teeth and my blond long hair I had as a baby.


Crakkerz79 t1_j6jrqkg wrote

I had been saving my kids teeth. But then we had a bunch of them. I never labelled any of them. Still kept them.

Decided to purge our home finally. Including dozens of baggies holding individual teeth.


pwintess_bbg t1_j6jsfon wrote

Your mom is the tooth fairy 💀 🧚‍♀️


Bullehh t1_j6jtd5m wrote

Wait until you find out those aren’t your teeth!


joaher013 t1_j6jzgxx wrote

I still have some of mine wrapped in paper towel and stuffed in one of those tiny toy football helmets from the quarter machines.


SmoloTHEKloWn t1_j6k8nci wrote

At least she didn’t put them in a stuffed bears mouth.


UpbeatJohnDoe t1_j6k9fof wrote

My mom gave me my baby teeth for Christmas when I was like 26. Along with all the stuff I made her when I was in kindergarten and elementary school.


mcgregger101 t1_j6k9kez wrote

Smoothest tequila I've ever had is that far right blue and while bottle


jkinman t1_j6k9ma3 wrote

Spoiler alert bro!!!!! Are you saying there’s no tooth ferry?


TryTwiceAsHard t1_j6kczhu wrote

My mom still has my baby teeth. I'm 43. Wtf. I have maybe 1 of my kids but I don't even think so. She has at least 1 or 2 from my boys when they lost them at her house.


Chalkarts t1_j6kd2hi wrote

My mom has mine as well. I want to make a necklace out of them.


Mariah0 t1_j6khqt8 wrote

I kept mine and then I mixed them in with wisdom teeth and they started to smell.


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6ks0my wrote

My dad’s worried about the bacteria so they said I shouldn’t touch them


Mariah0 t1_j6ksed2 wrote

I guess if you clean them then they shouldn’t grow bacteria. Mine were covered in saliva and blood from the wisdom tooth surgery and I didn’t clean them. I was grossed out by the smell but I really wish I kept them.


ELYSIANFEELS t1_j6kjyv5 wrote

I have my son's umbilical cord nub😬


QuixoteAQ t1_j6kkayg wrote

I also have a jar of human teeth!


Newmonsters1 t1_j6kkkmp wrote


Me as a guest when I see jars of free snacks lying around


elenaprincisgh t1_j6km9lh wrote

Is this not,,, usual? Is it an italian thing? Is it a my mom thing?


myrighteyeistwitchin t1_j6kr8pu wrote

We do that. It is weird. When cleaning out my parents things mom had 10 or 12. It puzzled me then my daughter says tooth fairy. I got a great laugh. My dad had a molar with a gold filling. We knew that would be there. He would tell us don't you let them burry me with that.


BrashPop t1_j6kslsv wrote

What else are we supposed to do with them! You guys lose SO MANY FUCKING TEETH. There’s teeth all over my house. WHERE DO THEY KEEP GETTING MORE TEETH?!


obrieno t1_j6ky04c wrote

Baby teeth, like umbilical cords (though less controversial), contain stem cells that can cure diseases and grow replacement tissue and bones in the body. If collected and stored, they can potentially be used to treat diseases that arise when your child gets older or for close family members with serious illness


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6lgc30 wrote

My family has my stem cells in my birth hospital!!


Caliesehi t1_j6kyd8h wrote

Do all moms not do this? I know my mom kept mine and I still have my daughter's as well...


TonyDungyHatesOP t1_j6l326w wrote

If you don’t behave, she’ll sell them to a voodoo priestess or pagan witch.


TheEarlyStation22 t1_j6l4d7u wrote

I used to do this. Until my oldest turned into a teenager and I realized I had a glass bottle of teeth for no reason so that was kinda weird and pointless


maison21 t1_j6l9kte wrote

she’s a secret necromancer and she needs both your baby teeth AND your adult teeth to cast a dangerous black magic death spell.

i wouldn’t be in any rooms alone with her, just in case.


beakrake t1_j6lal9u wrote

Go ahead, give 'em a sniff.

You know you're regretfully curious.


Luffewaffle OP t1_j6lgi6g wrote

Bro you read my mind I really wanted to open it but I don’t want another pandemic


Explicit_Tech t1_j6mhr7w wrote

I used to keep my own teeth but I kept losing them. It's nice that she held onto them for this long.


DrSeuss19 t1_j6o28lh wrote

Casual $200 bottle of tequila. Although, I have had some for $60-$70 I like more. Good taste none the less


Minflick t1_j6o4c4y wrote

Mine saved mine too. MIL even gave me a little sterling case to hold our baby's teeth. Yuck. I never used the case from MIL, and when I moved mom into assisted living, I dumped all my teeth and baby hair. Maybe it was a 'thing' in the 50's and 60's? I have no idea, but I did NOT save any of my kids teeth...


Ohheyimmikey t1_j6odfk7 wrote

When I was younger I would put them back in my mouth thinking it would reattach my mom got rid of them after she caught me


Mytoesandmyknows t1_j6gnzxc wrote

You should grind them up into a very fine powder and then trick her into eating em.