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DblDzl t1_ixl2d78 wrote

In other news, the sky is blue.


alexjones85 OP t1_ixl7chp wrote

It won't be if emissions are allowed to continue unabated.


internetperson94276 t1_ixl9yga wrote

Ah yes. Emissions are the problem here, clearly. Not, you know, the entire religious dogma that informs and entitles the people to continue perpetuating and celebrating horrific human rights abuses out in the open.


crimsoncalamitas t1_ixll8nz wrote

literally not because of religion china, russia, and many western countries do that too


ppparty t1_ixlpjdt wrote

also, Cuba is pretty fucking repressive, but it's also incredibly sustainable and forward-looking


ppparty t1_ixm2dip wrote

oh yeah, Cubans themselves are very very socially progressive. Frankly, as someone born behind the Iron Curtain myself, we've never thought of Cuba as "communist like us", I've always had the impression they were kinda pushed into it by the needless US antagonizing and that's how it still is today.


phenomduck t1_ixmnabz wrote

Being punished for the acts of the dead. Just plain cruelty.


glefe t1_ixlx1t7 wrote

The impact of emissions is not inherently about humans.


makeit52 t1_ixoi0sd wrote

This person talks like he’s trying too hard to sound smart.


IamreallynotaNPC t1_ixlb7v1 wrote

Yeah but why did they have use purple 3 damn times in the chart. Not sure which is gas, cement, and other.

Edit: Nevermind me.


_MuadDib_ t1_ixleqmj wrote

The colors are not great, but you might be color blind. The cement is not purple but teal.


IamreallynotaNPC t1_ixlglsc wrote

Ahhh. Yeah... I am colorblind... didn't realize. Thanks for pointing that out. Feel like a buffoon. Idk how but I have a hard time with purple and green and the darker it is the harder it is to tell.

Anyway thank you for telling me.

Edit: If I shut off my blue filter I can tell the difference. Not a ton, but yeah the blue filter isn't helping in that sense. Mentally noted.