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shiftyskellyton t1_izgl0hm wrote

This is really cool. As someone who lives in Wisconsin, I can attest that it's well known in the area to use extreme caution when driving in November.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izgnpxc wrote

I think the difference in time of day between the two outlined areas to be intriguing as well. The time of day is split up in 4 hour intervals starting at 0600 for Morning.

The calving cycle sees a higher number of collisions between 1800 and 2200 whereas the mating cycle has a higher collision rate during the afternoon hours 1400-1800.

I would be interested to see how that compares to sunset times, but I’m not quite sure how to visualize that on top of what I already have here.


Alwayssunnyinarizona t1_izh953n wrote

Trivial, but cows, elk, and moose calve. In deer it's more appropriately called a fawning season.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izhgqgj wrote

That’s what I thought. I saw calving on an online paper with a quick Google so that’s what I went with.


Alwayssunnyinarizona t1_izhen5j wrote

Also, for the sunris/sunset times (both are important), you can use the right y-axis and have it go from 0-24hrs.

I'll think on it and post an idealized image tomorrow.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izhgirh wrote

I was just putzing around with that. There’s definitely a trend that follows sunrise sunset throughout the year.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izghgdw wrote

Data was acquired from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The data was wrangled and cleaned in RStudio where it was also visualized.

I have finished my first class in a Data Science Program and decided to put my newfound skills to the test.


maxthe3 t1_izhkye4 wrote

This would be a great post to put in r/wisconsin


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izhl6b4 wrote

She’s already up on the fridge over there!

I have a few more visualizations I’d like to do. Next one is going to be a temporal map that shows individual collisions throughout the year. They’re really going to like that one.


SciK3 t1_izhik32 wrote

calving? last i checked deers have fawns

solid graph though, data checks out with... experience.


SciK3 t1_izhkfet wrote

interesting, seems the source that graph is pulled from is for "Horses, Deer, and Camelids" aka camels. Camel babies are called calves, so they just slapped that term in this? odd


Ok-Oven6169 t1_izhbd8j wrote

I wonder if hunting also impacts time of day


crabmuncher t1_izhcblf wrote

Do all forest ungulates mate around the same time?


NotEnoughWave t1_izi7b06 wrote

So, either OP is really unlucky, drives really bad or during these seasons deer are easier to find and hit.



mkaszycki81 t1_iziz51r wrote

May I suggest a different color scheme? Light yellow for noon, going to red for the afternoon, purple for evening, dark blue for midnight and then lighter shades of blue for closing to morning, and yellow for early day?

It would be more intuitive.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izj21c2 wrote

This color scheme was chosen as its color blind safe. I can toy around with your idea too.