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YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izgnpxc wrote

I think the difference in time of day between the two outlined areas to be intriguing as well. The time of day is split up in 4 hour intervals starting at 0600 for Morning.

The calving cycle sees a higher number of collisions between 1800 and 2200 whereas the mating cycle has a higher collision rate during the afternoon hours 1400-1800.

I would be interested to see how that compares to sunset times, but I’m not quite sure how to visualize that on top of what I already have here.


Alwayssunnyinarizona t1_izh953n wrote

Trivial, but cows, elk, and moose calve. In deer it's more appropriately called a fawning season.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izhgqgj wrote

That’s what I thought. I saw calving on an online paper with a quick Google so that’s what I went with.


Alwayssunnyinarizona t1_izhen5j wrote

Also, for the sunris/sunset times (both are important), you can use the right y-axis and have it go from 0-24hrs.

I'll think on it and post an idealized image tomorrow.


YarrowBeSorrel OP t1_izhgirh wrote

I was just putzing around with that. There’s definitely a trend that follows sunrise sunset throughout the year.