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Hammerpamf t1_jef5q5t wrote

Barbiturates are still very much used. I regularly give phenobarbital to people in alcohol withdrawal.


congoLIPSSSSS t1_jegauyf wrote

My hospital's alcohol withdrawal protocol is Librium and Valium, never once have I given phenobarbital to a detox patient.


terraphantm t1_jegjge2 wrote

Phenobarb is getting more popular for withdrawal protocols. Works much better in my experience. + Ketamine in those really bad cases.


Averagebass t1_jeges4x wrote

I only did it in one hospital, but it seemed to be as effective as Ativan. I had been in 4 different hospitals and only one of them did it.


TetrisTm t1_jef7soz wrote

they have been largely eradicated. being replaced by benzos and z-drugs, phenobarbital is not a recreational substance in my opinion, if you were handing secobarbital out like candy it would be something else entirely. rethink the “very much”.


Hammerpamf t1_jefrwmh wrote

It's given multiple times a day, every single day in the ED where I work.


[deleted] t1_jegirg7 wrote

The person you're talking to is obviously referring to large societal trends, not saying they literally ceased to exist.

Barbiturates are used at a much lower rate today compared to the past, partially because they've been replaced by benzos in many cases. You're being needlessly pedantic


werq34ac t1_jegsvjd wrote

Why is he suddenly talking about recreational drug use in a discussion about the usage of barbiturates for medical treatment?


NewPointOfView t1_jegbjix wrote

What are you talking about recreational substances, the other guy is clearly talking about treating alcohol withdrawal


Alternative-Cell8295 t1_jegiz3q wrote

Absolutely. I guess it depends on where you’re working but barbs are absolutely not “very much” used in my work


Alternative-Cell8295 t1_jegins3 wrote

In my country our guidelines are for chlordiazepoxide for alcohol withdrawal and we very rarely ever prescribe barbs, namely only for status or other epileptic seizures