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[deleted] t1_jegh1ej wrote

Hmm I suppose you're right I guess I just got the wrong idea because unlike every other CNS depressant Benzos can not kill you by themselves only when mixed with other depressants. Benzos do NOT slow your breathing and heart rate as a direct affect of the drug itself. Just as OP said he took 960mg of etizolam, a drug that can get you extremely high off as little as 2mg. Any depressant besides a benzo that you take 480x the regular dose of you will die no ifs ands or buts about it but there is not a single recorded case of someone dying off Benzodiazepines alone and not mixed with another depressant. They can potentiate other depressants and make their effects exponentially stronger but that's it.

I was assuming CNS depressants specifically lowered heart rate and breathing and therefor benzos werent but I got it wrong my bad. Either way they dont really behave like any other CNS depressant and as OP explained they are not nearly as dangerous as most depressants because they are essentially impossible to OD on. I have seen many cases similar to OPs where as long they dont mix it with anything else like alcohol or opiates you can take just insane doses and still be fine when it wears off.


OPsButthole6969 t1_jegj2vj wrote

Yeah no worries man it happens. Perhaps my comment was a bit too harsh now that I'm reading it again. Benzos are certainly interesting drugs