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dman2316 t1_jegvgrv wrote

Which condition, the interaction of the 2 meds or the reason i'm on the doses of opioids that i am? Either way i don't mind explaining, just wanted to make sure i knew which one you're asking about.


globaloffender t1_jegw5f2 wrote

You’re right, I wasn’t being clear. I’d like to know why so much pain.


dman2316 t1_jeh5lkp wrote

So there's 2 reasons. The first is when i was 17 i got hit by a car while on my bike and i broke several ribs in several places, broke my jaw, broke a femur and cracked my skull and had a ton of soft tissue damage, and as time went on the pain was just not getting any better and i was diagnosed with a condition where essentially the physical injuries themselves fully healed, however for some reason my nervous system/brain never got that message and so is still sending out the pain signals as if the injuries were fresh from yesterday, so basically i'm still in just as much pain 10 years later as the day after i was hit. The second reason is i have a rare type of kidney stone that behaves very differently from normal kidney stones so i end up passing a ton of them, like it's not unreasonable to expect me to pass close to 20 in a week.