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phdoofus t1_iyejauy wrote

A lot of people get paid by paper checks still, esp manual laborers. They're going to need to get groceries and pay the rent. They can't really wait several days for their pay to show up in their accounts


[deleted] t1_iyen66a wrote

Huh? You really still get paid with fucking checks in the USA? Why not just transfer the money to bank account? Would be easier for everyone.


Ocean_Hair t1_iyerz3z wrote

Direct deposit is definitely an option for most American office jobs. You have to opt into it.

Not everyone has a bank account, though, and poorer people are less likely to have one.


Terrafire123 t1_iyf7slo wrote

> Not everyone has a bank account, though.

....What? Why? Bank accounts don't exactly cost money... And don't you need a bank account to get a credit/debit card?


freddy_guy t1_iyeudjn wrote

>Would be easier for everyone.

Many small employers disagree. They believe that writing a few cheques each week is actually easier than having to deal with online payments.


mlm01c t1_iyesxjk wrote

Undocumented workers rarely have bank accounts so being paid by check and then getting it cashed at a place that cashes checks, and charges a fee, is common.


Isak531 t1_iyes1ac wrote

Perhaps having a bank account costs as much as receiving healthcare in the US lol


TheVermonster t1_iyeu254 wrote

Prior to overdraft "reform". I deposited a check then went shopping a few weeks later with no issues. The next Monday I stop to grab a coffee and my debit card declined. I ran to the ATM only to find that I had -$700 in my account. The check had bounced, leaving all those previously ok transactions to suddenly incur a $35 overdraft fee.