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--LowBattery-- t1_j6p69n7 wrote

Oceans have been rising steady for the last 12500 years. There are thousands of cities/villages/churches/pyramids/etc under water all over the world.


todlee t1_j6pcwes wrote

Yeah, as the last Ice Age ended. At its lowest point, sea level was 400'+ below where it is today. That was about 20,000 years ago, then it raised steadily for 15,000 years.

About 5000 years ago sea level stabilized, and now it's rising faster than it has in thousands of years. The planet has seen huge swings in sea level -- human civilization has not.


MoarTacos t1_j6p6u2p wrote

I’m sure you get this often, but my reaction to your username and profile pic borderline on visceral.