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Eis_ber t1_j9sggdl wrote

While I love everything about the donut, I hate it when they leave the crowns on the strawberry. It's a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless.


Lizxberry t1_j9t7ems wrote

Looks amazing! That leaf of the strawberry hurts me but I never understood how people eat the stem with it but I shall not judge!


i_hateeveryone t1_j9smlvn wrote

Looks like a Maritozzo, it was trending in Japan the last couple years


water-malon-drea OP t1_j9t9tr4 wrote

I'm certain it is, as it is a brioche donut. This cafe just calls it a milk creme donut.


D_Ashido t1_j9ytdmd wrote

I might take the strawberry out and eat it separately but I love this!


water-malon-drea OP t1_j9za4bd wrote

It was honestly difficult to eat, so we ended up having to do that anyway haha.