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Napa_Swampfox t1_j8q5n7d wrote

Did you have to take out a loan for that meal?


Trojanman311 OP t1_j8q7gp6 wrote

Thankfully I’m on a work trip, so I will expense it. But yeah, $21.99 for what I got is a bit… much. Though, it was really a lot of food! Just wish it was less mortadella since it’s just fancy bologna.


Mansos91 t1_j8r5zx5 wrote

Considering the only thing remotely "fancy" is the board it comes on yeah this was a scam


mrmitchs t1_j8sbe3z wrote

$22? Really? Does that include the wine? I've bought a Tuna sandwich with a coke and chips for $20. Where is this airport?


grunkage t1_j8swnvp wrote

Yeah at 22 bucks, that's about as good as you can expect at the airport.


Trojanman311 OP t1_j8tgliw wrote

No, def not the wine. I had two glasses. I had a cup of clam chowder ($11.99) prior to ordering the charcuterie plate. One was w white for $15 and a red with the plate that was $30 for an 8 oz pour (their cheapest red!).


3DJayB t1_j8qew70 wrote

Would be hard pressed to get that spread for under $20 at home. Charcuterie is the pinnacle of snacking food imo


Tahoptions t1_j8qitcr wrote

The sliced mortadella is hilarious.

I'd still crush the whole thing.


Trojanman311 OP t1_j8ql74n wrote

Also thought it was hilarious, still crushed.


soon_zoo55 t1_j8sceuk wrote

What airport?

Looks better than the stale $20 sandwich I bought at Sky Harbor last week.


samarkand86 t1_j8r4q0i wrote

It looks perfect👍🥂🍾