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SpiceyPorkFriedRice t1_j9fr1je wrote

Looks amazing. Why is there rice purple?


savage-dragon OP t1_j9ftvcz wrote

Thanks! The rice is cooked with the leaves of the Magenta plant to get the purple color. Also we can get green rice by cooking with pandan leaves, or even orange rice with gac fruit.


rococoriot t1_j9fi3t5 wrote

Legitimately the most delicious looking meal I've seen here 🤤


waterdrinky t1_j9g1miw wrote

This is awesome! Where is this located if you don't mind?


savage-dragon OP t1_j9g2dnu wrote

In Vietnam, phu quoc island! Thank you.


waterdrinky t1_j9g2nzl wrote

Another place to visit on my bucket list, I love fresh catch and cooks on the beach, nothing is better


wooldoor2 t1_j9g2h98 wrote

Food is too close to the sand, looks delicious and makes me anxious at the same time!!! Enjoy your meal.


savage-dragon OP t1_j9g3537 wrote

It's at least 20 inches off the ground. Maybe doesn't look like that on the photo.


a4techkeyboard t1_j9g67ng wrote

Now it feels like the overhanging plates could accidentally be tipped off the table by a stray knee or hip.

But I only feel that way because it would totally happen to me.


FD4L t1_j9grt5x wrote

It looks awesome, although as I scrolled by, I saw the pink rice and wondered why you posted burgers before grilling them, or if it was some kind of mince/tartare dish.


Viperbunny t1_j9hg0mo wrote

I saw burgers as well. Once I looked closely it made more sense and it looks delicious!


LeaCTrockboys t1_j9gly9d wrote

This is what it's all about. Delicious. Amazing presentation. This would cost so much at a restaurant for the presentation alone. Next time someone wants to post and tag themselves as "pro" take note of how natural that food looks. Good plating looks a LITTLE chaotic but not over orchestrated, just like this. Almost as if the food gently floated down from the sky onto the plate. The grouper and the garnishes look like they are just napping together. The shrimp is everywhere it needs to be. Wonderful.

THIS is professional presentation. People that can do this get paid the big bucks.


sapphiric t1_j9h5pxr wrote

Yum! Grouper isn't found where I'm located so its always a special treat when I find it. The whole thing looks delicious!


Illustrious_Pea_5980 t1_j9hlhjg wrote

Yah was gonna say, had it once years ago on holiday. Developed quite the taste for it. Returned home to realise it‘s unavailable in my country. :(


savage-dragon OP t1_j9ic2z4 wrote

It's quite a luxurious commodity where it isn't found and even where it's found it's still very prized. In the Mediterranean grouper is commonly found but price can be high due to high demand from tourists and locals alike. You'll have to travel to eat them again haha.


walkstwomoons2 t1_j9g5g2m wrote

I used to live on an Asian island. I really miss the food.

Will be going to beach country next week and plan to eat tons of fresh fish.

BTW, this looks amazing!


MuddiPutty t1_j9gtnxw wrote

Looks yummy. I’m interested in what grouper tastes like.


Gen_Ecks t1_j9htkpn wrote

It's a very mild firm white fish, and grilling over fire is the best way to enjoy. We live near Florida and it's a local favorite. Try with drawn butter, its adjacent to lobster in taste and texture.


savage-dragon OP t1_j9icann wrote

Grouper if properly cooked doesn't taste much like fish. It has white flesh and quite like crab or lobster meat. It has to be cooked just right for the best texture though, if you undercook it it'll be too chewy and if you overcook it it'll be very dry like sand.


Immodial t1_j9hcr6y wrote

Grouper is easily my favorite fish, and this preparation looks amazing.

Do you do catch and cooks regularly? I miss being able to get out and go fishing more often, and bringing a grill along to cook what I caught was always the highlight.


savage-dragon OP t1_j9ibult wrote

Yes I do spearfishing a lot. Cooking on the beach is one of my favorite things to do.


hunganh13 t1_j9hga8u wrote

What a feast ! Welcome to Phu Quoc. I also highly suggest you should always check up the price before ordering food at any locations, they do have a tendency to overcharge you there.

Source: I'm a Vietnamese that has came to Phu Quoc 2 years ago.


savage-dragon OP t1_j9ibs6x wrote

I'm living in Phu Quoc so I don't really go to restaurants here. I just make this myself. Thank you ! Some restaurants do rip off hapless tourists here which is a shame.


bj2001holt t1_j9j33mk wrote

Any restaurants you would recommend? We are visiting end of march from Australia.


savage-dragon OP t1_j9ji7uy wrote

For local seafood I often go to K-TIN street food restaurant.

For Vietnamese food Saigonese eatery is nice.

For burgers there's Winston Burger.

Also Rory's beach bar is a nice place for dinner or lu ch as well, run by some aussies who came here ages ago.


superman306 t1_j9ie15o wrote

Jesus. The way I’m starving right now that whole spread would be gone in 10 minutes.

Looks absolute amazing


softrotten t1_j9it4x7 wrote

Awesome shot. Love all the different colors.


[deleted] t1_j9iydge wrote

Looks awesome, love prawns.


amitrion t1_j9gf2md wrote

I lobe brocolinni


HylanderUS t1_j9gjnhr wrote

I have sand between my teeth just from looking at this


maxholes t1_j9gs930 wrote

Looks good but title got me


r3dditr0x t1_j9gw3ii wrote

Beautiful fish, great job!


camlaw63 t1_j9hqjug wrote

There is sand in the food, looks delicious


3DJayB t1_j9l5ux1 wrote

Ya fucking killed it bud 8.9/10