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Easymac888 t1_ja3sjwp wrote

Looks good, but does anyone else see a bacon & sausage rabbit puking beans?


_StevenSeagull_ t1_ja2xmxj wrote

Probably one of the best I've seen on here. I trust that fried bread or toast, Yorkshire Tea & HP Sauce is out of shot ;)


BassPhil t1_ja3yk35 wrote

Yeah, I'd like to assume the toast is served on another plate. Top notch op.


Abracadabra-B t1_ja3qba5 wrote

What does this Harry Potter Sauce taste like?! Had no idea there was cooking class at Hogwarts!


turbolump t1_ja37tvj wrote

Looks great, but not 'full' without toast and tomatoes.


Mountainbranch t1_ja43lo6 wrote

It's always something, usually the mushrooms is missing, but i have never actually seen a true full English breakfast on this sub.


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja4ot8o wrote

Or the tomatoes are normally waved briefly over the heat.

They need to be halved, and caramelised to fuck on the cut side to give a sweet crunch.


fuckingredtrousers t1_ja78jjy wrote

Cut side up and grilled or cut side down and fried?


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja7gryt wrote

Flat side down.

Dry it thoroughly with kitchen paper towel, and then place face side down in a hot pan with high temp oil (rapeseed in the UK).

Remove when the cut side is black, sweet and crunchy.


xf2xf t1_ja5z1v6 wrote

>i have never actually seen a true full English breakfast on this sub.

...which is odd, given that the "full English" has been posted to death... way out of proportion to everything else out there. I think it's time to branch out some.


shadmere t1_ja61zym wrote

I think I got everything on mine a few years ago.

I also added white pudding, because after going around Houston for five hours looking for black pudding and finally finding it, I couldn't not try the white pudding as well.


Unicorn_puke t1_ja68yzi wrote

Try marmalade on toast fried in bacon grease. The sweet tangy marmalade with the salty umami of the bacon grease is as close to bliss as I've ever experienced with such a simple thing


mapoftasmania t1_ja55q5d wrote

I view it as baked beans or fried tomatoes, not both. Too much tomato otherwise. Toast, preferably white with butter is spot on though.


DonCeeAnO t1_ja5nxmd wrote

Are you eating off a broken jagged edge plate?


FearDearFriend OP t1_ja7p07n wrote

Yes... I've cut my hand on it a few times. You would think it smart to get rid of it


Syllers t1_ja3udm4 wrote

Can someone explain why there's an obsession with English breakfasts on this sub???? I don't get it.


Reinventing_Wheels t1_ja3wo39 wrote

To those who understand, no explanation is necessary.

To those who don't understand, no explanation is sufficient.


ringobob t1_ja5r3d6 wrote

I don't understand, because I've not actually had the pleasure, but I certainly understand the appeal, and will be taking advantage at the nearest opportunity.


FuckYouThrowaway99 t1_ja4c7mp wrote

It's too much for me personally. To those who love it, go to town, but I know I would feel very sick after. I'm never as hungry in the morning as I am at night, though.


teabagmoustache t1_ja4lyx6 wrote

This is not a regular breakfast at all. The "full" breakfast is usually eaten on a weekend, late in the morning, quite often with a hangover. Unless you work a physically demanding job, people don't usually load up with this on an average morning.


DroppedD94 t1_ja5a2j9 wrote

Just wait until us Irish fellows try to define the differences between the Full English and the Full Irish


eatmybeer t1_ja3w6db wrote

Roasted tomatoes?


DidntHaveToUseMyAK t1_ja4w2qg wrote

I have never seen one with all the components it feels like. Would still demolish though


qwertygolf t1_ja2sqek wrote

Damn. That looks great. Bit of toast and a cuppa rosy and it’s perfect for me!


vulfneck t1_ja2xk97 wrote

Why isn't this on r/fryup? Go, go, go!

Edit: Shame you didn't post it. I've shared it there :)


MrRoma t1_ja3qwr3 wrote

Wow, another Full English post on /r/food; how unique


1JesterCFC t1_ja2tu4j wrote

Looks good but wheres the extra carbs of toast or fried bread 😔 also you can keep the mushrooms no matter that I've tried them at least once a year for the past 3 decades I still can't get along with them


Phat_Irish t1_ja480cq wrote

Where’s the toast and tomato?


Staninator t1_ja3ttqg wrote

Toast, mug of tea needed.


Boomershot t1_ja35c6l wrote

One of the best I’ve ever seen


sparklybeast t1_ja3uk6v wrote

Get rid of the hash browns and add in a fried slice or two and you’re golden.


Bigoldthrowaway86 t1_ja4es7y wrote

Gotta agree. I feel very strongly about the hash brown having no place on a fry up. Especially as it so often seems to be a substitute for the much superior and essential fried bread.


jrbump t1_ja3zgp8 wrote



clough11 t1_ja4d22r wrote

No tomato ➕1️⃣


Frogsten t1_ja4q2po wrote

So what is homemade about this?


ZL0J t1_ja4ylid wrote

Ok a (very keen) amateur cyclist. In peak season I burn 4000-4500 calories daily. Classic British breakfast like this in a cafe at 8 am has me full until 14. It's just mind boggling how caloric this shit is.


N0rthRunner t1_ja5fzkn wrote

I can do without the mushrooms


Marskelletor t1_ja5kzil wrote

I'm one of those people who would ask for substitutions. I don't want black pudding or mushrooms for breakfast. Or basically ever. However, I've seen enough of this on this sub to know that it looks good and oily.


Cammeritz t1_ja60e9e wrote

I‘d love to hear your recipe for that black pudding, looks amazing and close to German Blutwurst.


Zifker t1_ja6sqqx wrote

Ty for actually browning the sausage


spicynicho t1_ja763if wrote

Omg you use the sausage as a breakwater for the beans..don't you watch Patridge?!


Majestic-Chain1905 t1_ja44yln wrote

Okay I'm finally gonna ask, what are the black circles in English breakfasts?


lukednukem t1_ja48t0c wrote

Black pudding/blood sausage depending on what flavour of English you speak


teabagmoustache t1_ja4n2ei wrote

Blood mixed with fat, spices and some kind of cereal. It tastes a lot better than it looks and sounds. It goes especially well stuffed in a bacon wrapped chicken breast with cheese.


yunzerjag t1_ja56gjb wrote

Full English Breakfast. This is a totally new post for me. Baked beans??? Those nutty Brits. Have not seen before. First time. Why didn't someone post this earlier?


mediadavid t1_ja34o01 wrote

One of the better efforts I've seen on this sub. I'd eat this, for sure. Good work.


katehenry4133 t1_ja4kedp wrote

First, none of that looks very appetizing and second, if I ate that much for breakfast, I would be in a food coma for the day.


teabagmoustache t1_ja4mjfa wrote

That's why it's usually reserved for a late breakfast on a weekend and not at 7am before work, unless you're a trades person.


Nanshe3 t1_ja61gkd wrote

I’d push everything off that plate except for the egg and sausage.


JesusHChristBot t1_ja3j2hm wrote

Is that some of that Squid Ink salami?


anadem t1_ja3kk6b wrote

Black pudding (blood sausage) ..
I so wish I could buy it here in California, it's very tasty


JesusHChristBot t1_ja3m1yg wrote

I know, I was just referencing another popular food post from a few weeks back lol.

If you're in SoCal, there's a place in Glendale called Continental Gourmet Sausage Co., they got 'em.

If you're more central, truck over to Bevery Hills for European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen.

In the Bay Area, Guerra Quality Meats.


anadem t1_ja47xis wrote

> referencing another popular food post

Oh, lol, I'm slow

> Guerra Quality Meats

Many thanks! GQM ftw


Reduntu t1_ja3ou5b wrote



jonasjlp t1_ja3b4hw wrote

1 egg and none tomatoes. 1/10


FearDearFriend OP t1_ja3whws wrote

Actually there is 2 eggs. Also the supermarket had no tomatos sadly


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_ja4pkrd wrote

Fuck Brexit.

No toms, no lettuce for my BLT No cucumber for my sandwiches this week.


Ph0n1k t1_ja3s738 wrote

Got to agree, toms are a must.


aligador t1_ja2ryjq wrote

Beans for breakfast?


1JesterCFC t1_ja2u5dn wrote

No ordinary beans, those are hienz beans in a rich tomato sauce, the best tinned beans in the world, also a really good accompaniment to a breakfast, dip your sausage, dip your bacon, eat on its own, mop up the remainder with the toast/fried bread (both missing from the ops breakfast)


aligador t1_ja31jkt wrote

I will admit that those beans are actually pretty sweet (and yes, delicious), I just never heard of anybody eating beans with bacon and eggs. It surprised me, that's all