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eddie_koala t1_ja450y2 wrote

Looks reasonably delicious


TheBigNook t1_ja41v2i wrote

I love the look of this bravo


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja4xyro wrote

And very creamy too!


TheBigNook t1_ja4yxs1 wrote

If you dont mind me asking, what city is this? It looks nice. My wife and I are about to move and we are looking at like 5 different cities lol


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja5104o wrote

Please, do not go to this city hahahah. It's my hometown, but it's too dangerous. Natal, in Brazil. I do not live here anymore. Just came for vacation, and my family enslave me to cook for than hahahah a. Just kidding. But the city is too freaking dangerous.


TheBigNook t1_ja51avq wrote

Yo, yeah lmao were definitely staying within the continental US.

I do hate to hear about the crimes rates in Brazil. I feel its a beautiful country with a beautiful culture as well. Always hoping the best for these regions and I think we will see them improve within our lifetimes so long as people continue to educate and spread awareness.


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja523yd wrote

Oh, not. Brazil definitely have some peaceful places. It's a freaking huge place. Bigger than USA without Alaska. But cities like Rio, Salvador and Natal, are definitely not of then. It's like judging USA just for Detroit or new Orleans. Definitely dangerous places too, but not representative of all USA right. But yeah, I agreed with you. We deserve some peace hahahaha


TheBigNook t1_ja52lvn wrote

Very true! Yeah I shouldve worded that differently and specified that high population cities are what fit the description. Its easy to forget how large Brazil is as well, I never think of it being bigger than the continental US but yeah it surely is.


LordSeltzer t1_ja655ug wrote

> s. It's a freaking huge place.

TIL Brazil is way bigger than I imagined. I thought maybe 2 New England. Maybe The size of France or Spain. South America looks a lot bigger in general with the size of Brazil under reconsideration.


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja78nuq wrote

Man. If you put the north most part of Chile (south America country) in Canada, the southernmost part will waaaaay past Cuba. Its a huuuge continent. Hahahahha


jakl8811 t1_ja5xc0m wrote

What cities you looking at? Before Covid I traveled close to 100% for work and have spent a lot of time in most US cities


TheBigNook t1_ja69mb9 wrote

Las Cruces NM, Richmond VA, Ann Arbor Michigan, Chico California, and Tucson Arizona (deffo bottom of the list). Were just looking for a 1-2 bedroom to establish ourselves. Were leaning towards Las Cruces NM but crime makes us pretty weary. We dont plan on having kids or anything like that and we have two cats. Around 52k income and Im in between jobs currently but make anywhere from 19k-30k in the service industry and we have like 6 thousand saved up with another 3-4 thousand by the time we move.


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja7bczd wrote

The future is in medium small cities. The big ones are too expensive and dangerous. Unfortunately.


libertasi t1_ja5aqla wrote

Come to Florianopolis!!


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja5bjcl wrote

Vish. J獺 tive uma namorada barriga verde e ja fui ai. Realmente 矇 mais tranquilo. Mas em geral, t瓊o cheia de bolsonaristas que chega d獺 agonia hahahha. Abra癟os.


ohmynards85 t1_ja4m863 wrote

THAT is something special.


FrankDrakman t1_ja4u8m0 wrote

I constantly have problems with my crust not separating from the pan. I use springforms, and I've tried them buttered, oiled, and with parchment paper, and the crust always sticks. How did you avoid that?


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja4xszo wrote

Dude. Honestly. Just springform pan, with parchment paper, around too. And I pre bake my crust too. Almost never a piece of the crust fall. And when it happens, its just a piece. And sure, I butter the springform before and after the parchment paper.


atl_fun t1_ja5txk3 wrote

What is your recipe this is great!


Sirjohndeere1 t1_ja81465 wrote

A newish springform pan and a buttery crust shouldnt be an issue. After the cake has cooled (preferably to fridge temp) and ready to be removed, heat the bottom of the pan just enough so the butter in the crust melts and the cake will slide right off.

If youre using a water bath it also doesnt help if water leaks into the pan because it can make the crust soggier which leads to more sticking


Ass_Eater_ t1_ja4lf7r wrote

Goddam that looks good


antagonistdan t1_ja63cql wrote

Omg the background had me thinking this was an enormous cheesecake


Purple_Tree_Car t1_ja6q0j8 wrote


The perspective initially had me thinking it was an above-ground swimming pool of horror.


lightspuzzle t1_ja5a4zq wrote

I love everything about this.


Euphoric-Blue-59 t1_ja4yezu wrote

Look at that beauty! And boulevard in the background at sunset. Just needs a baby blue Cadillac convertible.


nejula t1_ja59tsd wrote



Dewnewrew3 t1_ja5vk4f wrote

Looks amazing, Id love a super thick crust tho if it were mine


azcherid t1_ja65pwd wrote

Now would please make the unreasonably tall one? You know, for science


Wrong-Syrup-8685 OP t1_ja7bpf7 wrote

I just don't have the mold. The pan. But you got me thinking....


Ashtorot t1_ja6ee56 wrote

Th wrinkles remind me of bandaid skin


skiordieguy t1_ja6gt4t wrote

Things I never knew I would eat the heck out of. A tall cheesecake. Haha i dont know why its just so funny.


SolasHealth t1_ja6wvio wrote

Wow . It is so beautiful and delicious.


SadLaser t1_ja78udj wrote

Accurate description. It is indeed reasonably tall.


cheisan4773 t1_ja7vtop wrote

I'm sorry a cheesecake at any height is reasonable


Jumpin-Jebus t1_ja7xt4a wrote

It is reasonable to assume I'd demolish that whole thing, then sugar coma....


pankaj7587 t1_ja8ajgk wrote

Are you going to throw that off the roof


Ryan_S21 t1_ja8geun wrote

dang, looks huge