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kulpushu t1_j9l569a wrote

Best. Food. Ever. You should try Ichiran if you're ever in NYC.


SapFireMC t1_j9livfy wrote

Definitely a unique experience for sure. Though personally, will probably not go a second time. Prices are a little on the high side for a ramen bowl that I feel like is just solid, but nothing special. The atmosphere is definitely something worth trying out though


RyeAnotherDay t1_j9m0ae4 wrote

Ichiran is a chain in Japan so inflated prices in NYC makes sense.


TroupeMaster t1_j9mpsuc wrote

Ichiran is also pretty expensive in Japan relative to other non-chain shops.


d70 t1_j9mt662 wrote

In the US, the Ichiran broth is second to none unless you like the Ipudo style. It’s certainly expensive since it’s considered an import. That said, it’s not far everyone. If one happens to visit nyc, they should definitely try once.


rileyspice t1_j9nuufx wrote

Ichiran is fine but not worth the obnoxiously long queues. Danbo is better if you're into Hakata style ramen.