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VapeThisBro t1_j9lsa9k wrote

If it makes you happier, Wakanna and her husband own Tamashii a mom and pop ramen place right? Well they have 2 young daughters. The context is important. When covid hit, asian businesses in OKC suffered greatly. I wanna say we lost 30-40% of them. Tamashii's was struggling, to the point some of us were paid weeks late. The thing Wakana did, while we were all struggling was, guarantee, if any employee or their family were hungry, we would be fed regardless of how much money we had if we showed up to the back door. She did all of this. She supported many families, never once thinking, it could put her own family at risk as her business struggled and she had to find ways to stay afloat.


DetBabyLegs t1_j9mq1ur wrote

Wish I had known about this earlier, I lived near there for maybe 6 months for work over the last few years. If work takes me there again I'll be sure to check it out.


fuqdisshite t1_j9mrm2c wrote

i friggen love you!!!

Thank You for sharing your stories. as a former restaurant worker i felt every word. one love!