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gollyandre t1_j9lwkwc wrote

Reply to comment by DetBabyLegs in [i ate] Tonkotsu Ramen. by scrubbabby

Yeahhhhh I don’t know if they’re trying to “correct” me or if they just say what they’re used to but I just keep on keepin on. Especially since tonkatsu is a distinctly different dish. The difference between pork bone broth and fried pork cutlets


DetBabyLegs t1_j9lxmx6 wrote

I have to keep myself from saying "that sounds delicious but I don't think you serve that here..."


gollyandre t1_j9lykou wrote

Yeahhhh, although some good places do serve tonkatsu as well! I love me some katsu curry


barbatron t1_j9nka1k wrote

TIL. Thank you, it's been frustrating me!