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KaziArmada t1_j9m09ep wrote

Hell, you can make your own broth if you can find a good butcher to get materials from and are able to leave a stove going for hours and hours.

Look up "Just One Cookbook." Fantastic ramen and broth recipes.


DogsRule_TheUniverse t1_j9m9sgt wrote

Holy fuck, who has all that time? After working 40 hrs per week, I don't wanna have to spend hours making the broth - that sounds like more work! When I want some damn good ramen, I want it NOW!


KaziArmada t1_j9ma53c wrote

While that's fair, a lot of the time isn't active cooking, as in you fiddling with and adding things and all the like. It's at best baby sitting to check it every once and a while, make sure it doesn't burn your kitchen down, maybe add water if its boiling too hot, etc.

Time taken vs actual time spent working is super low.


DogsRule_TheUniverse t1_j9mcf89 wrote

yeah sure, watching it boil is the easy part, but buying hard to find ingredients isn't exactly "joyous" -- it is very TIME CONSUMING. Then there's time involved with chopping up all the ingredients and finding the right kind of bone to make broth isn't my idea of fun. Overall, it's probably best suited for people who live in a rural area or town with little to no ramen restaurant choices.

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sydneydanger t1_j9nhoj8 wrote

Some people enjoy cooking and don’t see it as work. It’s a labor of love. Knowing how to transform humble ingredients into something far more than the sum of their parts is rewarding. It takes time, but as others have pointed out, much of it is passive. Throw some bones, spices, and water in a pot. Let it boil while you unwind. The fragrant broth will make your house smell awesome while you hang out and wait for it to be ready.


Worthyness t1_j9nv1rr wrote

Instantpot some bone broth. Throw it on when you leave for work and when you get back you can warm it up and throw some ramen noodles in