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drgut101 t1_j9m69av wrote

I’m a ramen addict. I would go 2-3 times a week when I lived in Salt Lake City. Now I live in a small town in southern Utah. There is only 1 restaurant. It’s awful and the service is terrible.

Now every time I travel, one of my first stops is a ramen restaurant.

I miss good ramen so fucking much.


wastntimetoo t1_j9m8k0e wrote

We had back to back quarantine kids. Ramen shops are not the most toddler friendly experience. A couple weeks ago i was dying for ramen and then had the epiphany, “I could probably make my own, then I can have as much as I like.”

I did that and I’ve been pigging out on noodles for the last two weeks.

The main thing is not short cutting the broth. Pig bones and a lot of time (unless you have a large pressure cooker to speed it up). Since you’re somewhere rural you probably don’t have easy access to a well stocked Japanese market. Checkout the momofuku (David Chang) ramen. They have an excellent method that gets around some hard to source ingredients.


drgut101 t1_j9md9sz wrote

Ahhh that’s a great idea. I think we do have 1 tiny Asian market it here. I’ll have to check it out and see what I can come up with.

Thanks for the input! :)


DetBabyLegs t1_j9mqe1s wrote

Learn how to make it! I grew up in Japan and loved ramen. But my wife can't eat gluten. Turns out that's a blessing in disguise as I've learned to cook all my favorite Japanese dishes!

Tonkotsu is really tough to make, but I make a mean shoyu and spicy miso ramen


MelodicFacade t1_j9n9ezt wrote

Tonkotsu at home is fairly difficult and takes time

Shoyu or miso ramen is super easy and good tho!


drgut101 t1_j9nc1hg wrote

Shoyu def looks easier and is close enough for me. I prefer tonkatsu, but I’ll take what I can make. 😂


MelodicFacade t1_j9n9hlb wrote

Where in Salt Lake City? I've lived here my whole life, and have only found mediocre ramen at best


drgut101 t1_j9nbr8u wrote

SLC definitely doesn’t have the best ramen on the planet, but better than the 1 place in St. George.

I really like Tosh on State.

The Ramen Bar downtown is good.

And I also like Kobe out on Wasatch Blvd.

Ozora in Sugarhouse is also pretty solid.

Yoko downtown can either be really good or ok. Depends on the day. Very inconsistent. Service is usually pretty mid as well.

I really like Jinya as well, but that’s a chain so idk if that matters to you.


bfitzyc t1_j9nmc1p wrote

Tosh’s tonkotsu ramen would hold up in Japan, coming from someone who lived there. Best ramen in Utah, hands down.


drgut101 t1_j9o9ycx wrote

It’s good. I feel like it’s as “authentic” as you can get. But I’ve never had ramen in Japan so I have no idea. Haha.

I like the authentic kind of places best, but I do like some good Americanized ramen as well.