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DetBabyLegs t1_j9mqe1s wrote

Reply to comment by drgut101 in [i ate] Tonkotsu Ramen. by scrubbabby

Learn how to make it! I grew up in Japan and loved ramen. But my wife can't eat gluten. Turns out that's a blessing in disguise as I've learned to cook all my favorite Japanese dishes!

Tonkotsu is really tough to make, but I make a mean shoyu and spicy miso ramen


MelodicFacade t1_j9n9ezt wrote

Tonkotsu at home is fairly difficult and takes time

Shoyu or miso ramen is super easy and good tho!


drgut101 t1_j9nc1hg wrote

Shoyu def looks easier and is close enough for me. I prefer tonkatsu, but I’ll take what I can make. 😂