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MelodicFacade t1_j9n9hlb wrote

Reply to comment by drgut101 in [i ate] Tonkotsu Ramen. by scrubbabby

Where in Salt Lake City? I've lived here my whole life, and have only found mediocre ramen at best


drgut101 t1_j9nbr8u wrote

SLC definitely doesn’t have the best ramen on the planet, but better than the 1 place in St. George.

I really like Tosh on State.

The Ramen Bar downtown is good.

And I also like Kobe out on Wasatch Blvd.

Ozora in Sugarhouse is also pretty solid.

Yoko downtown can either be really good or ok. Depends on the day. Very inconsistent. Service is usually pretty mid as well.

I really like Jinya as well, but that’s a chain so idk if that matters to you.


bfitzyc t1_j9nmc1p wrote

Tosh’s tonkotsu ramen would hold up in Japan, coming from someone who lived there. Best ramen in Utah, hands down.


drgut101 t1_j9o9ycx wrote

It’s good. I feel like it’s as “authentic” as you can get. But I’ve never had ramen in Japan so I have no idea. Haha.

I like the authentic kind of places best, but I do like some good Americanized ramen as well.