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nomaddopamine OP t1_j9vwt9i wrote

Ichiran Ramen - Every location I pass always have huge line ups. Worth the wait!


athnony t1_j9xambc wrote

Love ichiran!! It was our favorite when we were visiting Japan. Which location is this?


iTwango t1_j9xgp21 wrote

Ichiran is my favourite ramen! So good. I always went at like 2am so I never had to wait


breachscape t1_j9xt962 wrote

Did you get an extra half order/order of noodles? 🤤


ServePatrickStewart t1_j9w4lt8 wrote

Please tell me you tried the eggs?!


nomaddopamine OP t1_j9xivvr wrote

Not this time. I made the mistake of assuming you got one automatically with the Ramen. Next time for sure.


sailor_sega_saturn t1_j9xaqo6 wrote

But how did you take the picture if your camera was on your table?


google257 t1_j9ytssf wrote

Finally someone asking the real questions


Tejon_Melero t1_j9wu45i wrote

If you go to this spot, you can basically make your ideal ramen with modifications to this. I'd have an egg or pay extra for 2, I'd have all the flavor enhancers at 3/5 or higher on various options (very nice customization feature), I probably go too hard on spice and soy for example, and I'd buy extra noodles to finish the leftover broth to end the meal, depending on how much broth is left and how hungry you are.

Also I'm not one of the people who slurps well and use forks and spoons for brothy soups and carbs more than soup spoons and chopsticks day to day, fwiw. If you want to see if slurping is better than not slurping, this place is pretty friendly to a solo diner or novice with clear instructions and privacy. I don't like it but wanted to see what the hype was, this was great for that test. Also, if you want minimal interaction you can demand more food and drink via a buzzer and it's pretty fun for a change of pace.


EdSheeransucksass t1_j9xfc1y wrote

How I wish we have these private, judgment free dining booths here in Canada.


Rhekua t1_j9xakhk wrote

Itadakimasu! 🙏 😋


epicurious_aussie t1_j9xgssv wrote

Dream - good food served with zero human interaction.


porrabelo t1_j9w2hu7 wrote

Nice Sony, A7R4?


Lizxberry t1_j9y09ze wrote

Pictures are truly worth 1000 words! I hope you enjoyed


Ragnarotico t1_j9ytw18 wrote

Not worth the wait, at all. A real tourist trap. You can get better ramen at any random place where salarymen eat for cheaper.

Sorry OP, you've been had.


soon_zoo55 t1_j9ywh9y wrote

Yes please! Going to Japan in a few months and looking forward to this


Hypnox88 t1_j9xk2r3 wrote

I am not claustrophobic, however I would still hate to eat in what would make me feel like a box. Don't care how good the food is.