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livv3ss t1_jab3ojn wrote

That looks so good. Did you freeze the cheese before hand?


TheStormborn1 OP t1_jacfcmg wrote

No, but I do make sure it’s straight from the fridge and still cold before breading. It’s not a super melty cheese, so it holds its shape well as long as you don’t over fry it.


livv3ss t1_jach82x wrote

What cheese


TheStormborn1 OP t1_jaci5tr wrote

It’s a brand called La Morenita: Fresh frying cheese.


Annajbanana t1_jad31lz wrote



GrandXerxes t1_jad5550 wrote

This is what I use for my grilling cheese. I learned about it this last year and am completely obsessed now!!


alle_kinder t1_jadakwc wrote

Halloumi is great but that's not the cheese OP used. This one is far less salty and mild.


hackulator t1_jad4mta wrote

If you get cheese called "Queso de Freir" from the supermarket (and which maybe just means "cheese for frying" and is actually some version of Queso Blanco) it fries up quite well without melting. You can just fry it up in a pan alone with some oil and it is quite tasty.


Chefboyld420 t1_jabiq9t wrote

Frying cheese??


TheStormborn1 OP t1_jacev0l wrote

I use a brand called La Morenita: Fresh frying cheese.


ScoffLawScoundrel t1_jad7xjo wrote

>La Morenita

Funny that's my dad's nickname for my mom, but if you translate it, it sounds plenty racist.


JoanneDark90 t1_jadqwjk wrote

Do you not get that racism = prejudice and discrimination, not literally just acknowledging the color of someone's skin. Mexicans call me Blanca and I can't imagine getting offended.


OoopsieWhoopsie t1_jabqf7s wrote

Really popular in Dominican food, and I think in a lot of other Caribbean islands, but I first had it at a Dominican restaurant. It's so freaking good too.


secretaire t1_jacd1r8 wrote

Mozzarella sticks anyone?


alle_kinder t1_jadaor7 wrote

Mozzarella sticks are way meltier. This is a cheese that doesn't really melt.


TheDood715 t1_jacwq2o wrote

My market has it as Queso de Frier and it comes in foot long blocks.


rabhbb9 t1_jabn220 wrote

The best Brazilian Steakhouse does this. Located in Vegas so good. I want this recipe. Also, couldn’t agree more about the pineapple and pizza guy buddy.


Tru3insanity t1_jad0b1c wrote

Fogo de chao?


serenity_later t1_jada5vw wrote

Isn't that like a chain restaurant? There's a couple in Chicago as well I think.


Tru3insanity t1_jadj3zg wrote

Yeah it is thats why i asked. It is quite good though.


serenity_later t1_jadjy4s wrote

Oh I'm sure it is, I just didn't think Fogo would be considered "the best brazilian steakhouse" but I certainly could be wrong.


Tru3insanity t1_jadoyw1 wrote

Theyve certainly gotten more common so theres prolly better ones now but fogo was one of our better options before they got really trendy.


goldeagle121 t1_jab3z1l wrote

What do you use for making the “hot” honey? Is it spicy or just warmed up?


berogg t1_jab5ge7 wrote

Spicy. Honey, chili flakes in a pot and heated. After cooling you can optionally add some cider vinegar or strain the chili flakes.


ScoffLawScoundrel t1_jad88et wrote

I feel like what you just described is something I would be eating by the spoonful if I had a cold


purpletib t1_jab8ys9 wrote

You can buy it hot too. Also great on pepperoni pizza.


GhostBurger12 t1_jabjqz1 wrote

People that insist ham & pineapple is bad, but jump at the chance for sweet & savory other ways.


spacetimecat t1_jac3oeh wrote

I guess my problem with pineapple and ham is not the taste, but the texture. Cause I have no problems if there's some pineapple juice on the glaze, but I'm just not a fan of actual pineapple.


GhostBurger12 t1_jacquj9 wrote

Crushed pineapple is no good, and even canned pineapple pieces are no good for being too big.

Pineapple "just right" is ~ 1/2, lengthwise, of a piece of precut pineapple. You also want it on top of the cheese so it can dehydrate more & maybe get a little colour.

Pineapple also brings acidity which helps open up the other flavors on the pizza.

To step up your pineapple pizza, you want capocollo instead of boring ham.

It's like your "hot honey", except it is spicy delicious ham & complex sweet & acid pineapple.


ExpansiveExplosion t1_jabs6nu wrote

Mixing a little sriracha into normal warmed honey works in a pinch. A+ condiment for improving cheap pizza.


jim_deneke t1_jach6wg wrote

I just add a habanero (chop the stem off) to some honey and warm gently it for about 15 mins (try not to let it boil) and let it cool before back into the jar. Simple as.


Azul951 t1_jadr6na wrote

They sell it at Trader Joe's if that's local to you.


TehDandiest t1_jaeahot wrote

It's been appearing everywhere for me recently, confirmation bias maybe. I've tried it a few times from a few places to see what it's all about; I don't get it at all, honey with chili flakes in - exactly how it sounds. It's like a BBQ sauce that's missing 90% of the ingredients.


sixtysecondstallion t1_jabopfm wrote

Try it with blueberry jelly/jam. Sounds weird I know, but trust me it works.


birkenstock1977 t1_jablc5h wrote

Gonna need to know what kind of cheese you fried please. Looks fantastic!


Pantssassin t1_jact9qe wrote

Just did something similar with cheddar cheese curds if those are common in your area


404merrinessnotfound t1_jach3ya wrote

Death by cholesterol. Looks good though!


alle_kinder t1_jadb7nq wrote

Dietary cholesterol doesn't contribute to long-term blood serum cholesterol levels. It's not 1991 anymore, you're good to go.


Picolete t1_jadz7x4 wrote

The honey is worst for your health than the cheese


Weird-Blueberry6043 t1_jac10sk wrote

Cheese and honey I've never though to mix the two is it any good?


BlazeReborn t1_jacagua wrote

The honey brings out the cheese's flavour. It's very good.

Try it with brie if you please.


Really_McNamington t1_jacxghj wrote

I've made cheese and honey sandwiches with just mature cheddar and found it to be good.


alle_kinder t1_jadb1r7 wrote

I'm not the biggest sweet/salty fan but ricotta or burrata on really nice sourdough toasts with thyme and honey is absolutely incredible (I also like red pepper flakes), and I will often make polenta/grits with herbed chevre and a bit of honey! People love both


RFF85 t1_jabtnjm wrote



AngryApple24 t1_jacwxgb wrote

looks delish. my gluten-free dairy-free ass could never..


OreeOh t1_jadcxi7 wrote

Did the breading stick to the cheese as-is or did you use an egg wash?


SirThatsCuba t1_jae5ce6 wrote

Wait I knew about cheese now there's frying cheese? What a wonderful world


skiordieguy t1_jaeti2n wrote

Great idea with the hot honey


Ouryve t1_jaf3ubf wrote

Looks delicious and guaranteed to make me ill.


Brambleshoes t1_jabmoqa wrote