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bobswowaccount t1_jdfgkdi wrote

That dog is already thinking about the farts it’s gonna have after eating those table scraps.


meatybone OP t1_jdfh5w6 wrote

No chili on theirs 😅


PhoebeH98 t1_jdhp300 wrote

I don’t think that’s going to help the stench of the room later in the slightest


Uareatfaultandonlyu t1_jdjuesm wrote

Sweet how you specially cut theirs up and all. I recognize spoiled doggie plates. haha


rw9396 t1_jdfqcco wrote

My younger brother brings his dog when he comes to visit. Wonderful dog. It’s actually his son’s dog. I always tease him and tell him I’m going to give him a can of chili before the 10 hour drive home.


BourbonandStargate t1_jdfhvx0 wrote

The one on the left knows they're being fed dog.


MickeyMarx t1_jdhgpkw wrote

Both of their faces are saying “What did you say these were called?!”


Jacobizreal t1_jdfyeyv wrote

They staring like “why your fat ass got two”


NarcanBob t1_jdfmqyh wrote

Chili cheese dogs + chill dogs. :)


I-am-Delta t1_jdfqa98 wrote

There is no chili or cheese on either of those dogs. Lyin assss


xf2xf t1_jdgol2j wrote

Yeah. They're just going to have to do without the textured soy protein and focus on the corn syrup, refined starch, and nitrites.... as nature intended.


MoreTreesPleaseBro t1_jdgbc8o wrote

I love that you have to slice it up like it’s for toddlers since they also don’t always chew as much as they should.


adube440 t1_jdh49gl wrote

Lol, so that's what's going on there. I'm not a dog owner, so I'm not versed in the way. My dumb ass would have given each dog a whole one. Probably would have resulted in dropped food and potential choking hazard.


meatybone OP t1_jdhebwb wrote

Dogs in nature will gorge themselves. Sometimes they have to go a week without eating, so they just load up on as much as they can, as fast as they can. Cutting it up gives me a little time to eat mine in peace 🤭


HoldThePao t1_jdhy5c9 wrote

Smart, at first I thought it was pointless but what you said makes complete sense


Micheal42 t1_jdh6kho wrote

This is the photo we've been waiting for, the chosen one.


Chkz24 t1_jdg6tu5 wrote

‘When will you stop taking picture and let us eat?’ - said every dog ever 😆


Van1004 t1_jdgq52z wrote

Yeah chilli dogs are back


SadLaser t1_jdgne26 wrote

I don't see any chili or cheese on those dogs. They seem well groomed.


Upyourasses t1_jdgpskg wrote

Good boyos waiting for dinner to start!!!


shareberry t1_jdhyz3p wrote

don’t show my lab this. She’d be so pissed.

is your dog on the right a medium sized lab?


ainsleyadams t1_jdiby35 wrote

Pooches be like, the hell with your photos, give us our snacks!


Monte666 t1_jdk95ke wrote

Imagine if the dogs were named Chili and Cheese


desastrousclimax t1_jdgsuz7 wrote

WHERE is number 3?!


meatybone OP t1_jdh87z6 wrote

Thats actually my neighbors dog you see from time to time. My Husky's BFF. They go there for breakfast and come here for dinner most of the time 😆


desastrousclimax t1_jdhul8v wrote

I have said it before...I wanna be your dog! lol

seriously, your posts cheer me up a lot. I love to cook for dogs but unfortunately have none to take care of at the moment. couple of years ago there was this senior dog with digestive problems...he would supervise the process and need some soup to lick. once it was served ...and tried I would get the "appreciation look" if I did it right.


ShamrockGold t1_jdhmdnj wrote

I didn't know there were people in the world who ate a hotdog-with-bun with a fork and knife.


towiwakka t1_jdhu9m9 wrote

This is one of the rare cases where having dogs in the food photo is acceptable!


DawgPound919 t1_jdjcxqn wrote

Oh yeah! Looks good. Won't feel good in a few hours, though, especially if you're 30+ probably. Hahhaha... I need a prilosec just looking at that pic.


papayahog t1_jdgoee9 wrote

I love that other people are joining in on the chili dog and canine tradition


Ginoman1ac t1_jdjrk2p wrote

They don't look too amused that you're eating dogs right on front of them. Sure, good enough to be included in the picture, but not the feast. Tsk tsk.


Mobile_Succotash9027 t1_jdhvp9w wrote

Idk when people are going to learn it's a god and they are not supposed to eat shit like that poor dogs may look health but man ik they got some nutrition problems poor things


ahpuchthedestroyer t1_jdhx22e wrote

eh, have you read the ingredients on most dog food?


Mobile_Succotash9027 t1_jdhxwq1 wrote

Yeah well my dogs don't eat dog food either lol red meat only lol substituting one bad food like dog food for another like processed hot dogs and fake bread isn't any better might be worse


ahpuchthedestroyer t1_jdi6ckq wrote

dogs are omnivores and co evolved with us....not that I believe you are only feeding your dog only red meat, but you shouldn't.


meatybone OP t1_jdhz0uj wrote

The oldest dog in the world is Bobi, a 30yo dog who only eats human food. I understand your concern, but I am very careful about what I feed my dogs. There are some things that are only in moderation and some things that I supplement. They go to the vet regularly and have had full workups with blood tests. My vet told me they are 2 of the healthiest dogs that he sees


shafdaddy t1_jdg0x7e wrote

Why are the buns cut up?


thefoodiedentist t1_jdg5mvt wrote

Prolly for the dogs


shafdaddy t1_jdgeg5m wrote

Dogs need it cut up? They just rip it to shreds.


ghostridur t1_jdgm7v8 wrote

Dogs are stupid when it comes to treats they deem "high value". They will try to take them in as fast as possible and not chew properly.


Upyourasses t1_jdgpr6x wrote

I would think it is to slow them down a bit. Otherwise they will grab the whole thing and sling a bunch of chilli all over the place trying to eat it.


lillstlibra t1_jdgc932 wrote

I thought that was painfully obvious lol.. like come on 🤣


Spiritual-Ad-6412 t1_jdgs20b wrote

Looks likes someone took a shit on 2 buns with burned sausages. Sorry i am Dutch we are very direct.


[deleted] t1_jdhsubd wrote



Spiritual-Ad-6412 t1_jdhx4yu wrote

Het ziet er niet uit man. Bovendien is gelijk met kutsmoesje en klootzak gooien wel erg direct. Helemaal als je direct zijn een kutsmoesje vind klootzak.


[deleted] t1_jdipx2v wrote



Spiritual-Ad-6412 t1_jdiu1ma wrote

Nee man nee het ziet er ondergescheten uit. Dat direct is meer een soort ovetrokken stereotype bevestiging die nederlanders hebben op de reddits. Ik zei het niet omdat ik zo "lekker direct" ben. Dat maak jij ervan.Ik vind het er echt heel smerig uit zien daarom zeg ik dat. Mag gewoon. Bovendien trek jij zelf ook behoorlijk van leer ouwe. De pot verwijt de ketel dat hij zwart ziet . Jij hakt in op wie jij denkt dat ik ben. Ik zeg iets onaardigs over een foto.

Btw grammatica en spelling mijn kont gast. Hoofd en kleine letters door elkaar? Waar kan ik de regels over het gebruik hier van vinden?


[deleted] t1_jdiwtbg wrote



Spiritual-Ad-6412 t1_jdiyf9a wrote

Nee maat integendeel. Ik weet zelfs nog hoe de wereld zonder internet was. Als iets er goor uitzag kon je dat gewoon zeggen zonder gelijk voor klootzak uitgemaakt te worden. Maar jij had het over grammatica. Weet je nog.


[deleted] t1_jdj0mv9 wrote



Spiritual-Ad-6412 t1_jdjwzsb wrote

Lieverd even terug naar de inhoud . Want de vorm was te laaghangend fruit voor je . Maar nu je het op de inhoud lijkt te verliezen.Ga je lopen mekkeren over interpunctie en net doen alsof je faking alternating caps. Iets is wat al jaaaaren gebruikt wordt in de nederlandse geschreven taal.

Maar terug naar de inhoud. Broodje ziet er goor uit . Ik geef je op een briefje dat alleen die moederneukende worstjes gebakken zijn door OP. Chili uit een blikje. Misschien zelfs de broodjes een tikkie in de oven gegeven . Peew peew trots zal ie zijn die OP. Plus die honden erbij die blijkbaar van dezelfde borden eten. Gadverdamme.

Maar gelukkig komt daar moraal- man om de dag te redden. Alleen vergeet deze voor het gemak even dat op de persoon inhakken. Moraal gezien toch net wat vunziger is als je mening geven over een foto op een openbaar forum.

Gast laatste woordjes voor je. HeT Is In Je GeZiChT oNtPlOfT. Bye bye