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Vindaloo6363 t1_je57kju wrote

You can commonly get the back loin in the US but it won’t come with the fatty wings unless you go to a specialty whole hog butcher. That looks so much better than lean Canadian bacon.

I know where I’m going tomorrow. They sell the loin as half a spine with the tenderloin and top of the ribs with all the trim intact for less than $2 per lb.

Thank you for inspiring my next project. English bacon, smoked rib chops and fresh tenderloin for dinner.


Lunatalia t1_je6568v wrote

Genuine question, if you happen to know. Why do Americans call pork loin "Canadian bacon"? Back bacon or peameal bacon are definitely different from what either Americans or Canadians know as bacon (cut from pork belly). It's always bothered me, since we both say "bacon" for the same thing.


HasturDragon t1_je6e7bb wrote

Oh, I actually know this one!

So Canadian bacon isn’t an American term. It’s British originally. There was a shortage of pork in the UK in the 1800s and so it was imported from Canada to the UK. But, Canadians remove the fat from the loin so the cuts were leaner. To sell this to the British the term Canadian Bacon was used to express the fact that it would be lean.

The term eventually migrated to the US where it stuck.


Vindaloo6363 t1_je6iaxn wrote

And I always blamed Canada for that. It only really shows up on eggs Benedict because it’s a convenient shape.


HasturDragon t1_je6jzto wrote

I don’t mind Canadian bacon. It’s hard for me to not appreciate cured pork in most forms.


Vindaloo6363 t1_je6klq3 wrote

I cure and smoke a couple loins per year and like it cut 1 cm thick and lightly fried. I’m liking the idea of some fat to fry it in.


Lunatalia t1_je6kx6v wrote

This is amazing! Thank you so much for explaining. I never knew why it was always popping up because our bacon is the same as the US kind. This actually makes a lot more sense.


msully89 t1_je6n0v5 wrote

I'm British so this is normal bacon to me. Top tip if you get some. Start in a cold pan to get the fat nice and crispy!


HasturDragon t1_je5ckls wrote

I guess? I mean there are a lot of local meat markets in my area. I don’t consider them specialty, they’re just butchers not attached to grocery stores. I can usually get untrimmed loins without making a special request, but I may be a regional.