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Chalkarts t1_je5ewea wrote

The French Toast looks delicious.

Is the bacon floppy? I’m in the “Bacon shouldn’t bend” camp.


ennuiui t1_je5tlo9 wrote

I am in the opposing camp. I think the world is big enough for both of us, though. You can keep your crispy, rigid bacon as long as you allow me my chewy, floppy bacon.


evilgiraffe666 t1_je63a2e wrote

Yeah, that's slightly more cooked than I would do it, when I want bacon. Sometimes I might want crunchy bacon flavoured sugar, but it doesn't feel right for breakfast.


Grumpydumpling t1_je6a5d6 wrote

I'm more open to all options now but when I used to get asked how I like my bacon my response was "just don't give me food poisoning". My nana used to cook it in the microwave and idk if I like it despite this or if it's literally a learned behaviour. Used to love the soft floppy bacon.


Lime_in_the_Coconut_ t1_je5g5wz wrote

I'm in the "Bacon should have less meat and more fat" camp


Unicornification t1_je6bvw9 wrote

We also have a third option of bacon and its called middle bacon, which is basically American bacon (streaky in UK) and back bacon all on one piece, so you get your fatty bit and your leaner bit. Compromise bacon :D


MaxHannibal t1_je6ezci wrote

That's worse than the concentration camp. It's salted you can eat it raw