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thisishardcore_ t1_je5uidq wrote

Going by the bacon I can sense a fellow Brit.

But if so, "eggy bread" is the preferred nomenclature, please.


M45KY t1_je5vxje wrote

Eggy bread! My man! 😎👌


thisishardcore_ t1_je5w1e8 wrote

For years I didn't learn that French toast was the universal name for it.


Ga-ijin t1_je6fuad wrote

It's funny because in France it's called "lost bread" (pain perdu) because it's made with stale bread


M45KY t1_je699hy wrote

Yeh, if I ever hear or see 'french toast' ... I'm like "the term is eggy bread baby!" xD


[deleted] t1_je6iepz wrote



AtomicShoelace t1_je6oruk wrote

Try a local butcher's shop. You can ask them to cut you some thick cut streaky bacon.


wjfreeman t1_je7d23s wrote

If you don't have a decent local butcher try morrisons. Bacon freezes well so you could always try online if all else fails


Brutalbonez13 t1_je6n4yc wrote

I dont know how you can live there with this pathetic bacon....


LeccyCat t1_je6sxs5 wrote

No guns, free healthcare, decent public education, good general infrastructure across the entire country to name but a few things


Brutalbonez13 t1_je6wo83 wrote

Sounds awful.


ma11en69er t1_je6dk4q wrote

When I was a kid in the 70's it was Gypsy toast.


Fluffymal t1_je746yd wrote

Ah that explains why it looks like it has no flavor.

As an american we encourage more flavor.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice.