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BigbooTho t1_je67wn9 wrote

Girl please butchering is the process of cutting up the animal. If the butcher is cutting up the animal differently then they’re butchering it differently.


HasturDragon t1_je6d9uj wrote

Now I know you’re just a troll.


BigbooTho t1_je6iptu wrote

How is that trolling I’m pointing out how pedantic you’re being


HasturDragon t1_je6jeex wrote

You’re repeating an argument that for the sake of arguing. At least three different people have explained to you why you’re wrong. So you’re either trolling, or you’re willfully ignorant.


BigbooTho t1_je6o3xl wrote

It’s not for the sake of arguing. You literally made a comment that just haaaad to correct someone that didn’t say something wrong. You could’ve said “yeah! And…” but instead you had to say “so you’ve got it all wrong also…” That does not sit well with me. I get it. You know something from a twenty minute YouTube video you watched sometime. You need to share how smart you are. Fine. I take issue when you have to correct someone needlessly to get there.


HasturDragon t1_je6p4bv wrote

Whatever is going on in your day that’s needlessly making you so angry at someone (me) on Reddit for correcting someone else (original commenter) about something that was factually incorrect, I hope it gets better.

As for me. I feel no need to apologize. You seem to be needlessly overreacting to a comment on the internet that was not made maliciously but simply to educate someone else.

If you take issue, that’s on you, but the votes have spoken and you’re the one that looks like the troll for constantly saying “no but” to me, even though I and others have made it clear you’re wrong.


BigbooTho t1_je6q7o0 wrote

Yeah I’m going to let a hoard of Reddit monsters that probably read 5% of this exchange and thought about less than that play morality judge for me. To make stringy bacon and british bacon, something you pretty much have to buy from a butcher to have both options as a choice in the respective countries of interest, the butcher has to prepare different pieces of meat during the butchering process. They butcher it differently. They’re the butcher. I literally had a whole ass conversation with a local butcher about this as I was trying to acquire British bacon for a lotr full English breakfast party. If you ever needed to wonder why mob mentality is scary look no further than this absurd exchange.


HasturDragon t1_je6qke7 wrote

You’re on the internet, if you wanna bitch about mob mentality you might want to find a better hill to die on.

Clearly you’re having a bad day so I’m just gonna repeat what I said before.

I hope it gets better.



d0uble0h t1_je6c74n wrote

Except they didn't butcher it differently. What they decided to do with the cut AFTER butchery is what's different.


BigbooTho t1_je6iu8k wrote

Llllmmmmaaaoooooooooooooooooo can’t wait to go tell a butcher that as soon as they strip the meat off the bone their job ends


NakedScrub t1_je6odsc wrote

What are you not understanding about this?? It's fuckin wild man. Pig gets cut up. Same way. Some places prefer different cuts for different things. You're so confidently wrong.


BigbooTho t1_je6p3yn wrote

If you’re talking about getting this meat from a butcher then the butcher is the one that sees through to the ultimate processing and preparing for sale. They’re butchering the fucking pig differently.


NakedScrub t1_je7h89w wrote

When was the last time you worked as a butcher, and where?


BigbooTho t1_je82njd wrote

I’m basing this entire argument off of my conversation with a local butcher when I was trying to acquire British bacon for a full English breakfast lord of the rings party. And common sense. How about you?