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NakedScrub t1_je6odsc wrote

What are you not understanding about this?? It's fuckin wild man. Pig gets cut up. Same way. Some places prefer different cuts for different things. You're so confidently wrong.


BigbooTho t1_je6p3yn wrote

If you’re talking about getting this meat from a butcher then the butcher is the one that sees through to the ultimate processing and preparing for sale. They’re butchering the fucking pig differently.


NakedScrub t1_je7h89w wrote

When was the last time you worked as a butcher, and where?


BigbooTho t1_je82njd wrote

I’m basing this entire argument off of my conversation with a local butcher when I was trying to acquire British bacon for a full English breakfast lord of the rings party. And common sense. How about you?