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boonetown18 t1_jbl2jmg wrote

It took me a second to remember that frank and beans actually go well together and now, especially with the jalapeño, I’m dying to try this


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl2oxc wrote

Thanks. I liked it! (a first for me)


Grennox1 t1_jbm29bb wrote

Feel like it’s missing something. Mustard?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbm2qzi wrote

Could... I wish I tried one with spicy mustard, and one with chipotle hot sauce (there was some on both)


Grennox1 t1_jbm2ueq wrote

I’d eat the hell out of it don’t get me wrong.


Redwood829 t1_jbn10hb wrote

Nah, too much, you do beans, or jalps, or mustard, not all. My 2c....


a-davidson t1_jbm2q9r wrote

Wow I’ve heard the term “Frank and beans” but never knew what it meant or the origin. Makes sense now lol. TIL


-goodgodlemon t1_jblqsgk wrote

How did you get the beans over the Frank?


v4por t1_jbkvtil wrote

To each their own img


GirlPMurPersonality t1_jbltdhd wrote

To anyone who is confused has never tried a Sonoran Dog. It's the best version of a hot dog you can have. This isn't a Sonoran dog, but having beans in a hotdog is part of a Sonoran dog.

If you haven't had a Sonoran style hot dog, your life is not complete.


Vanman04 t1_jbmmvqn wrote

>It's the best version of a hot dog you can have

Sorry but chicago dogs are perfection.


GirlPMurPersonality t1_jbmw9dm wrote

They're good but not has good. The combo of a Sonoran dog just can't be beat. Sonoran has bacon on it bruh. Pico de Gallo for fucks sake.


ColdStainlessNail t1_jbmuiid wrote

> :1791:

Two instances of this in the comments. I’m out of the loop. What does this mean?


Nandy-bear t1_jbo2ker wrote

It decodes as an emoji in an app. Not sure which one as I'm desktop, but a lot of apps use :: to bracket shortcut codes. It's basically an extension of how :) turns to a picture on your phone. They just use numbers as IDs


Darthpratt t1_jbl0l14 wrote

Can’t say I’ve ever had baked beans on a glizzy. I usually stick to some random beanless chili. Looks yummy tho.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl2les wrote

Thanks! TIL a new name for hot dogs 🌭 😊


Darthpratt t1_jbln29q wrote

Lol tbh it’s even a new term for me. YouTube videos got to me tho


Failure_by_Design_v2 t1_jbl4r9f wrote

Do you have dogs? Bc I think there is a tiny dog hair on the corner of that first dog


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl4zhi wrote

No pet in the house, could be my own hair but I did not see it when I ate. Weird...


Failure_by_Design_v2 t1_jblc8jv wrote

Eh...I have ate worse.


ColdStainlessNail t1_jbmu0as wrote

Have you heard how they make hot dogs?


Nandy-bear t1_jbo2pa2 wrote

Have YOU heard how they make hot dogs ? They tend to be fairly high quality. The "it's all buttholes" isn't a thing. I don't think it's ever been a thing.

There might be lower quality outliers because there always are.


charkol3 t1_jbmygw4 wrote

Im glad i went in to look for the hair because I noticed that the buns were toasted


cld1984 t1_jbl8ej0 wrote

What an interesting combination! How is it?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblby7e wrote

It was good. Beans were smoked and had a sweet BBQ flavour (molasses), while the jalapeños and chipotle hot sauce on top were a nice little kick.


cld1984 t1_jblcjml wrote

That sounds really good. I’ll have to give it a shot!


more_beans_mrtaggart t1_jbliwn1 wrote

As a Brit, the idea of sweet beans are a bit 🤢

That’s like adding peppermint to a burger, or ordering up a nice warm fish milkshake.


Fallout9087 t1_jblrcbm wrote

They’re not as sweet as you might be imagining. It’s usually a savory sweet type of thing. You’d have to try it at like a bbq. It’s a tasty combo, with some smoked meats for example.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblykyj wrote

Indeed. Molasses mixed with spices, tomato base, onions, garlic, etc. boiled down to a thick mixture, then smoked. Not as sweet as smoky/spicy.


Experimentallyintoit t1_jbkp29p wrote

Baked beans and jalapeños is one of my favorite combos of toppings for hot dogs and bratwurst. I usually add mustard too.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl0aot wrote

It's working well. I must say that I debated between bbq and mustard... should have done of of each to compare.


ainsleyadams t1_jbla2sa wrote

I want all of this minus the hair. Sorry, not my go-to topping for delicious tube meat.img

Edit: If it is cheese hair, I apologize.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbliqm9 wrote

No need to apologize. I am still not sure at this point 🤷


ainsleyadams t1_jblkhvd wrote

Still some of the finest-looking dogs I've seen in a while. I know what I'm cooking up this weekend :)


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblpem0 wrote

Thanks! I also put some melted cheddar underneath the sausages. Which worked well with the rest too.


Beefy_and_Bacon t1_jbo9ls1 wrote

First thing I saw was hair on the bun...


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbod30i wrote

Likely my hair (no pet in the house), a crack in the bun or a filament of melted cheese (there is cheese underneath the sausage). Did not see it when I ate 🤷 weird.


had-dcdsaa t1_jblguje wrote

This looks fancy and cheap at the same time. Throw some shredded cheese on and I’m in 100%


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblh4iv wrote

Thanks! Sounds like me: fancy and cheap lol

In fact, there was some melted cheddar underneath the sausages.


Periphia t1_jbmpq65 wrote



Feed_me_straws t1_jbllgk8 wrote

Are those lobster roll buns


Icy-Letterhead-2837 t1_jbmwp1b wrote

New England-style buns. But yes, essentially lobster roll buns, too, lol. I live in KC, where they do NOT have these. I have my mom send me some from Massachusetts sometimes. Online "retailers" are price gouging. Saw a pack of twelve going for $60. BEFORE the pandemic.


Fallout9087 t1_jbllmla wrote

I thought I was the only one who liked baked beans on my hot dog but I never thought to do jalapeño. Looks delicious


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblnw5x wrote

Thanks. It was a first for me and will definitely repeat it.


sp4rse t1_jbmbub4 wrote

Can't unsee the hair... Otherwise looks good.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmcb0c wrote

Thanks. No pet in the house, so could be mine, a crack in the bun, or a filament of melted cheese, not sure as I did not see it when I ate it 🤷


Leather-College2557 t1_jbkjz80 wrote

Looks good actually


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbkkymc wrote

Thanks! I was not sure the bbq beans would be a good combo but it worked well, especially in addition to the jalapeños and Chipotle bbq sauce.


Exploding_dude t1_jbkuqhp wrote

I used to work at a hotdog restaurant. Try a dog with mustard, potato salad, onion and baked beans. Cream cheese, bacon and tomato is another "weird" favorite.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbkzkq4 wrote

Those are all dressed hot dogs for sure. Will give it a try, potato salad sounds wonderful.


Exploding_dude t1_jblrwt8 wrote

This one is a bit trickier but my all time favorite was a dog with potato pancakes, bacon, onion, hot sauce and meat chili. Absurdly good and extravagant. Chili slaw dogs are awesome too. and of course if you have the correct ingredients, Chicago dogs with sport peppers might be the greatest hotdog known to man.


-VatoLocos- t1_jbkwybg wrote

Looks great! However, Cant unsee the hair on the bun..


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl2cbt wrote

Thank you for your feedback and for pointing this out. I did not vote you down btw.

I zoomed in and I am not sure if it hair, a crack in the bun or a filament of melted cheese (cheese in the bun) tbh. Could be my hair (no pet in the house) but did not see it while eating. Weird...


TimelyNeedleworker57 t1_jbl5oui wrote

Raccoon meat?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblccac wrote

It said 100% beef on the package 😊


TimelyNeedleworker57 t1_jblcycg wrote

Lol I kid. They look great! It was an Its always sunny reference.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jble6qn wrote

Ah... sorry lol

I heard good things about that show, I'll have to get on it one of these days 😊


Tad_Ekoms t1_jbleixd wrote



ApplePie4all OP t1_jblexzw wrote

Likely mine (no pet in the house), or a crack in the bun, or a filament of melted cheese (cheese inside the buns). Weird as I did not see it when I ate. 🤷


tratemusic t1_jbleo3e wrote

Thank you for reminding me that my homie runs a hot dog stand, getting dowwwwn lol


Grove-Of-Hares t1_jbllenf wrote

Wow, this actually looks good. Just beans and jalapeño on top?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jblo3dh wrote

Thanks! And melted cheddar cheese underneath the sausages, and a little bit of chipotle hot sauce on top.


dieselboy77 t1_jbluiez wrote

Would smash. Split top is the way.


i_miss_alcohol t1_jbm447z wrote

What are those buns? I love those but can never find them!


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbm6tym wrote

The grocery store we go to sells them as 'pre-sliced grilling hot dog buns'.

I have seen similar ones used for lobster rolls.


tennesseebread t1_jbml8sn wrote

I worked at a hot dog shop in college. One of my favorites had baked beans on it. We also used those lobster roll style buns


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmm7g3 wrote

These buns are the best when toasted in a pan or plaque.


Icy-Letterhead-2837 t1_jbmwccy wrote

New England-style buns! YEAH. The midwest can learn a thing or two from these. Better than these ridiculous and lame side splits.


MMachine17 t1_jbmwdc3 wrote

Ooooooo them peppers look so good. 🤤🤤🤤


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmwlqk wrote

Thanks. I pan fried them, just a little heat, they were great.


PanzerFauzt t1_jbmyten wrote

All I see is an extreme tummy ache


Zech08 t1_jbneguq wrote

Conflicted in that toasted buns are great, but fall apart a bit easier lol.


brwneyedgyrl t1_jbnh85p wrote

I have been wanting beanie weenie for awhile now. I have all the ingredients..smh. It's raining today so this is dinner!!


Hey-Dalaran t1_jbnhiug wrote

What meats, seasoning, and casing did you use for the homemade hot dogs?


5littlewhitevicodin t1_jbnpmx3 wrote

Bloody hell that looks glorious


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbo3e7p wrote

Thank you so much. It as my first time trying baked beans on hot dogs, and it turned out well. Will do again for sure. The jalapeños were a nice and really good touch.


kooleynestoe t1_jbns1ve wrote

Not a huge fan of hot dogs but these looks amazing. I gotta try this!


holaimjay t1_jbnszz0 wrote

might have to try this if i’m being honest


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbo3n0v wrote

Give it a try.

Adjust the seasing/spices to your taste. I like a little heat but not too much, so jalapeños did the job in my case, along it the tiny bit of chipotle hot sauce on top.


ebrenjaro t1_jbnvqxb wrote

These are the kind of foods that look good in pictures, but are a pain to eat. As soon as you start eating it, it's all over the place.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbo3wg2 wrote

You're right, but I must say, they stood composed more than anticipated.The buns were pan grilled, so they were not dry, and held their form as needed.


Sriracha-Enema t1_jboznfq wrote

Put everything on the bun and the dog on top of it. Hold everything in place while you eat. Sure not as pretty but it is a better way to eat it.


john217 t1_jboak1e wrote

They look so perfect. Great job


I_Seen_Some_Stuff t1_jbp553r wrote

You mad genius. Removing the outside of the bun to get more buttery crispness like lobster rolls. I'm stealing that


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbpd08d wrote

Thanks, but the buns came as is. They're sliced this way for having sides to be grilled. Fairly popular in Canada.


GretoVerno t1_jbpgpyl wrote

I like that the buns are toasted, nostalgic


infurno t1_jbl3djb wrote

Oh man, I was thinking I was the only one who did this. They look SO GOOD!


grunkage t1_jbl49dp wrote

Never thought of this, but I tip my hat to you. This looks really good.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl5823 wrote

Thank you! I had some bbq beans and thought I'd try (spin on the chili idea).


isaacseaman t1_jbl4cbu wrote

Just had a mid night Hot dog! Yours looks very delicious .


SunkenCityFerryman t1_jbliapt wrote

How did you cure your hot dogs


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbljlih wrote

The sausages and buns were bought. I baked and smoked the beans, and pan fried the jalapeños along with the sausages.


kubomb t1_jbmkfg3 wrote

Do you have a smoked beans recipe?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmljrj wrote

I just used my old school baked beans recipe, and finished half of the baking in the smoker. Molasses, tomato paste, onions, garlic, Worcester sauce.


icculus93 t1_jbllvhv wrote

yup those are definitely homemade


Rbml1980 t1_jbmgc0f wrote

There’s a hair at 5 o’clock


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmkm3b wrote

Indeed, looks like a hair... no pet in the house, so likely my hair, or a crack in the bun, or a filament of melted cheese (there is cheese underneath the sausages). Did not see it when I ate it 🤷


cyberdeath666 t1_jbmge9z wrote

I mean, you should just put chili on it if you’re going to add beans. So much better, though I love beans in any form, so carry on.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbml0bd wrote

I used baked bbq beans that I smoked. I felt like having chili dogs but had baked beans on hands and gave it a try. It worked well with the jalapeños.


TacticalTurtleNeck_ t1_jbmhyd8 wrote

Am I just looking at beans on toast but made by a high American?


jankyjuke t1_jbmk2sc wrote

How did that hair taste?


eChelicerae t1_jbmpxsf wrote

White bean chili or baked beans?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmqrxh wrote

Homemade baked beans (half cooked in a smoker)


eChelicerae t1_jbmrjz8 wrote

Fascinating, everyone sticks chili on theirs and it typically has beans so why not baked beans. Although I think the British probably like a big bean dog a lot more than Americans do.


jst_my_lck t1_jbmzcm5 wrote

Im really curious, did you actually make the dogs too? If so please explain.


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbmzw49 wrote

No, sausages were store bought. I baked the bbq beans, fried the jalapeños and pan fried the buns. Also made the chipotle hot sauce that is on top.


roszpunek t1_jbnmw7r wrote

Meh, I don't like beans


[deleted] t1_jbny0en wrote

This seems pretty hard to eat without looking like an animal lol


DaprasDaMonk t1_jbny8tv wrote

Lol it does not take a genius to cook a hotdog. Has the bar been set so low.....this is culinary art?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbo4j0p wrote

You're right, this is /food, not mastery culinary art. I put together lunch and thought I'd share as the result wasn't bad.


jenside t1_jboblt0 wrote

All I can see it that strand of hair


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbodjp1 wrote

Weird... Likely my hair (no pet in the house), or a crack in the bun, or a filament of melted cheese (there is cheddar cheese underneath the sausages). I did not see it when I ate them 🤷


jenside t1_jbq5qwh wrote

Lol, it's all good, as long as the food was tasty. A stray hair is fine when it's your own cooking. When you're at a restaurant, it's a different story, you know its someone else's.


christinextine t1_jbom4ng wrote

What kind of bun is that?


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbpcns3 wrote

Hot dog buns for grilling, fairly popular in Canada. I am told also popular for lobster rolls.


christinextine t1_jbpd9d0 wrote

I googled! They’re called split top out here I see! Those look way yummier for hot dogs. I like that you can grill the sides! Yum!


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GSEninja t1_jbm9rqb wrote

“Suckin’ on chili-dogs, outside the tasty-freeze!”


saltyjello t1_jbkw575 wrote

those look good, but it looks like you burnt the bun and scrapped off most of the burnt bread. .. I've been there


ApplePie4all OP t1_jbl0z54 wrote

Indeed, one of the buns was a little more roasted than the other one. I did not scrapped it off. The lighter spots we can see are small indents created by my fingers, the buns were extremely soft when I pan grilled them. Lesson learned here.

Thanks, I appreciate your comment and did not vote you down (btw).